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The purpose of The Red Pill Report is to help people, (especially in the UK and Europe), to think about the NEWS and CURRENT AFAIRS and what the media is telling us.

To ask, “Is there another side to the events that we are seeing?” Particularly asking the question, ‘Are we being played?’ Is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark, or misleading us by omission or by commission?

And to take a look at the news that the church should be paying attention to.

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TRPR 218 – Interview with Jon Wedger 5 July 2021. The Red Pill Report

This is a Red Pill Report Podcast special. Show notes Welcome to The Red Pill Report Interview with Jon Wedger Jon Wedger is a retired Metropolitan police detective with over 25 years of service in the investigation into child abuse. And a high profile whistleblower. He has been severely bullied and attacked by the police […]
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NEWS FLASH – The City Is Lost!

After hosting The Red Pill Report for nearly three years, last night I reached something of a crisis. I found myself watching a cartoon hosted by Netflix and aimed at young teens. It featured a walking talking vagina encouraging a young girl in bed to play with her private parts, to rub it until something fantastic happened. Add to this the soft pedophilic poon that Netflix now is hosting of eleven years old girls dressed up as sex objects and performing erotic dancing.

This combined with watching much of the US burn. No, not the wildfires, they have been happening for thousands of years and are perfectly natural and apart from the mismanagement that they now have because of the “green movement.” there is no problem there. No, I am talking about the BLM inspired leftist anarchistic destruction on America. Add to all that the fact that the world, pushed by Bill Gates appears to be looking at changing the very DNS of… if they can do it, every single human being on the planet.

On top of this, this week I read that 9 out of 10 Belgian medics support ‘after-birth abortion.’ Out doctors, our child care doctors believe that it is just fine to kill your baby, or rather… they will kill it for you!

The total take over of the mainstream media by the “progressive” left, (for which read “regressive”). The tech giants pushing perversity on every side and banning the truth, designing science and the blatantly obvious.

With this and much more, I felt the Lord was saying, “The city is lost, get off the wall, and preach to the few.” (And I think it is more than the secular society that is lost, a very great deal of the church is too.

So. Here I am back on Bible Matters re-invigorating the site and preparing to launch back onto Bible teaching, proclaiming the truths of God to anyone who will hear.

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