BBC accused of bias

Around 70 MPs have apparently signed a letter to director-general Lord Hall complaining about the Corporation’s gloomy reporting of Brexit.

Tory MP Julian Knight

Tory MP Julian Knight

Tory MP Julian Knight, who apparently co-ordinated the letter, has warned that the BBC is in danger of losing touch with its viewers and giving too much airtime to ‘diehard Remainers’.

The BBC has a duty to offer impartial coverage of Brexit, said Mr Knight, a former BBC journalist.

He added: ‘It must be careful not to lose the trust of the 52 per cent who voted Leave, as well as those Remainers like myself who respect the will of the people and want to get on with delivering Brexit.’

The Daily Mail is reporting that ‘last night the BBC insisted its coverage of Brexit has been ‘responsible and impartial’’. However, the appearance that we at The Red Pill Report have seen is that there appears to be a bias against leave. For example is the opportunity given to Richard Dorkings to berated the “ill-informed voters,” over their foolish decision to leave the EU.

Mr Knight gives the example of the prominent coverage given to so-called “regretful Remainers” in the aftermath of the vote, even though all available polling suggests no shift in public opinion towards the EU since the vote.

The Daily Mail gives these examples of BBC bias.

  • In January, the Victoria Derbyshire show visited Great Yarmouth, which voted heavily for Leave, but everyone they interviewed expressed doubts.
  • MPs said in October shows were ‘heavily biased’ against Leave campaigners. An analysis of Radio 4 found listeners were two and a half times more likely to hear a pro-EU speaker.
  • Pro-EU producer Nick Pisani, 53, handled a 50-minute debate on the BBC World news channel.
  • Assistant political editor Norman Smith predicted the pound would fall after Theresa May’s comments on the single market. The pound rallied.
  • Positive economic news is often presented ‘despite Brexit’. An online headline in November read: ‘UK construction rises despite Brexit vote.’

Former Tory Party leader Iain Duncan Smith, who is among the signatories, said: ‘Anyone can see that the way the BBC is covering this issue is not balanced. Everything is reported in a negative way, and we are subjected to endless coverage of the likes of Blair and Major. We are constantly told by the BBC that it is all too difficult and everything is going to go wrong – it is almost as if they feel they have to act as the opposition on this.’

This poor reporting by the BBC is one of the reasons behind us starting The Red Pill Report.

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