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I know, I should not expect anything better today. But one sometimes hopes for the days when the BBC had a world wide reputation for honesty and unbiased reporting.

But today it appears to panda to sensational headlines and has a strong bias towards the liberal, left, globalist agenda.

Today I have two news items that illustrate this.

Trump: Four women protesting against the President-elect

Anna Bressanin interviews four women to who are unhappy with the vote for Trump as president.

The first statement in the interview is a woman saying that she does not think that had Clinton won the election, Trump supporters would have felt scared. But no balancing opinion is shared from woman or men who where very worried about how bad things could have become under a Clinton presidency.

It goes on to paint a a Trump precedence as being a bad thing for women and girl hopes of a future. But not every woman in America only thinks of what is between the legs when deciding on who to vote for. Making this election a sexist question is not a honest assessment of what toke place on the 8th. Again no balancing view.

America: The people’s rage

The second article is by Gavin Hewitt the BBC’sChief correspondent.

A headline stating “America: The people’s rage” strongly gives the impression that the majority of America is up in arms against Trump. The facts are rather different. Trump won the election by a huge margin. Even though it appears there was probably a great deal of election fraud on the side of the Clinton vote. For example, Gregg Phillips is reporting that there is “verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens.” It can be assumed that most illegal immigrants voted for the pro-open borders candidate, but even so… Trump won the electoral collage as was within half a percent of wining the popular vote. view government reach anything like this level of popular support. In 2015 the Conservative party only reached 36.9% of the popular vote. Yet we do not have riots in the streets and if we did would we say that this was, “The peoples rage’?

Most people who voted for Clinton are probably at home with a glass of wine and with the TV on. Those who voted for Trump are not on the streets raging. What we have is a few, often paid rioters getting the headlines, but by no means being a representative group of the people.

Lazy journalist like Gavin Hewitt, or possibly the headline writers back home would be better looking into the facts behind the riots and reporting on the facts not the sensations.

Why do we in the UK not hear about George Soros for funding groups that are leading protests/riots across America.

[YouTube clip here has been censored]

BBC. Give us the news, the facts, do your work and stop being a propaganda tool for the far left, communist and globalist groups.

For background see this.

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