The boarder wall – who should pay?

Mexico has apparently condemned Trump’s suggestion that the USA may impose a 20% tax on Mexican imports to pay for the proposed border wall.

Initially, I was very sympathetic to this position. Yes. Surely the USA has the right to put up a wall to protect its border and its citizens that are being attacked by drug and people smugglers that are coming over the US-Mexico border. But, they do not have the right to make Mexico pay for it.

And that is still generally my position. However, I have been thinking about the fact that it is Mexico’s criminals that are coursing America this problem.

Mexico’s rampant gang and drug cultures and it out of control society is putting the lives of American ranchers, close to the border and America’s youth that is getting tempted into a life of drug dependency.

There are a number of OTM’s (Other than Mexicans), coming over the border too, but if there was more commitment on both sides of the border that this was a true border that people should not be crossing, this situation also may diminish.

So, can I say this? Mexico IS responsible for the troubles that are coming over the border into America.

Damaged Fence.

Damaged Fence

Damaged Fence

A coal delivery lorry has just damaged our neighbours garden. We know who is responsible. It is not my neighbour. It is the driver of the lorry and the company that employs him. Who should pay to put this damage back to rights? Surely the people responsible?

So, Who should pay for the wall?

I would say that it very well could be argued that Mexico should pay. They should be made responsible for the criminal actions of their citizens.

I think I would still have America pay, and be done with it. Avoid the possible blowback. Get the security that you want and have the problem end. I have to pay for the lock on my house. But there certainly is a good argument for Mexico paying. So maybe if Mexico does not want to pay a 20% import tax, it should get its criminal society under control.

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