Breaking News – Novichok Poisoning in Wiltshire

Four months to the day after the Skripal poisoning event, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has said that the substance which has left two people critically ill in Amesbury was nerve agent Novichok. Both patients remain in a critical condition in hospital, although nobody else has presented with signs of exposure to the nerve agent.

They do not as yet have any connection between this couple and Sergei Skripal or Russia, but I would expect that to be the end that we will be lead to in the near future.

My first thoughts.

  • Is Russia getting too much positive publicity from the World Cup?
  • Trump is to meet Putin alone at Helsinki summit on the July 16 this year. Do we, (the west), need to paint Putin as evil again in preparation to undermine these talks.
  • Was it nothing to do with Russia, but something that has escaped/been lost from Porton Down.

Even if they do not directly connect this new event with Russia, within minutes the BBC were connecting it again to Russia and saying that Russia poisoned the Skripals, and the BBC has continued to make this connection in the coverage since. Headlines like; this poisoning took lace “just a few miles from the site of the Russian poisoning.”

What we found out about the Sergei Skripal/Novichok event.

We should remember the information that came out to the alternative media.

  • Israel said that they know of 20 countries with Novichok.
  • The head of Porton Down said that they could not connect the Novichok used to poison the  Skripals to Russia.
  • When you asked the question who benefitted from the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Russia was not a beneficiary of the event.

I have to say that I do not know who poisoned Sergei Skripal, nor who is responsible for this event. But both events smell very fishy to me.

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