Brexit under way…

Can it be true?

At last?


Theresa May has now signed the letter that will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and marks formally the beginning of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

This letter will be delivered to European Council president Donald Tuskby the British ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow.

Apparently, this will happen at 12:30 BST on Wednesday 29th March 2017. (I should be asleep)

The BBC are reporting that the prime minister, who will chair a cabinet meeting in the morning, will then make a statement to MPs confirming the countdown to the UK’s departure from the EU is under way.

The BBC are suggesting that the Key events and possible timings for Brexit are as follows.

  • 29 March, 2017 – UK triggers Article 50
  • 29 April – EU summit of the 27 leaders (without the UK) to agree to give the European Commission a mandate to negotiate with the UK
  • May – European Commission to publish negotiating guidelines based on the mandate the EU leaders give it. The EU might say something about possible parallel negotiation on a future EU-UK trade deal
  • May/June 2017 – Negotiations begin
  • 23 April and 7 May – French presidential elections
  • 24 September – German parliamentary elections
  • Autumn 2017 – The UK government is expected to introduce legislation to leave the EU and put all existing EU laws into British law – the Great Repeal Bill
  • October 2018 – Aim to complete negotiations
  • Between October 2018 and March 2019 – The Houses of Parliament, European Council and European Parliament vote on any deal
  • March 2019 – UK formally withdraws from the European Union (The Article 50 negotiations could be extended, but this is subject to the approval of the other 27 EU member states)

If we think that fight is over…. think again!

There are powerful forces in this world who are seeking to hold power over the world and are seeking to bring the whole world under one government.

Brexit may be a setback, but they plan for setbacks and will just pull out of the draw plan b or c or d… and move on.

They are on both sides of all major wars, and both sides of many elections. It does not matter who wins, it is always them.

I am just watching a video on corruption on the Royal Family!!! frightening. Contact me if you have any information.

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  1. Alastair Campbell (remember him? – “we don’t do God”) has vowed to stop Brexit. He has undertaken the editorship of “The European”, a newspaper dedicated to thwarting the will of the British people.

    The LIberal “Democrat” leader Dim Farron (who professes to be a Christian while voting for homo marriage) has also stated his intention to stop Brexit.

    We need to be vigiliant because dark forces are truly at work.

    • I believe you are right, we do need to be VERY vigilant, but my fear is not really about blustering men like Blair or Campbell. But those unseen hands that will try to tie us up in a package that really means that we are still under the EU, just now without the little influence that we used to have.

      Please, may we NOT sign new treaties that are nearly as bad as being under the full EU. I.e. connecting trade with immigration or the like.

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