We value your prayer.

Dear valued reader and listener,

Yesterday my wonderful wife, Ruth, was admitted to hospital with a stroke. Apparently, this was a full stroke but it has had minimal effect. She has some weakness in her left leg and a little trouble with the face and tongue on the left side. Praise God there is, as far as we know, noting more.

By the evening she was already doing much better.

We are not sure when she will be out of the hospital and even then, I will still need o be giving her a lot more support and so I may not be posting a podcast this weekend.

We value your prayer and support and give glory to God for his goodness to us in all things when they look good and when, to us, they look bad.


All change at The Red Pill Report.

I have been having trouble with The Red Pill Report site for some time now and think it is time to strip it down and re-build.

Hopefully, this will be done with no loss of content, but for some time the site is going to look odd and even half done.

God willing we will still be posting the podcast each and every weekend and even sometimes midweek.

Please bear with us if you are a podcast listener on your podcast app, you hopefully will not even know that we are changing the site.

Any problems or ideas contact me at andrew@theredpill.report

Last Days Warrior – Patriots & Prophecy Summit

I am pleased to be able to announce that I have been asked to talk at the Last Days Warrior – Patriots & Prophecy Summit this October.

This is a video summit. Each of us will be submitting our training sessions by video.

The blurb says…

The Last Days Warrior Summit, you will be empowered and equipped with knowledge.

You can gain new insight into what is going on, have the knowledge to be active within your sphere of influence, and even gain that inside scoop that others are missing out on!

Heck, you may even be that one person which brings about the change that will turn this situation around!

In fact, here’s just a sample of what’s in store for you at this a premium members only event Patriots & Prophecy Summit:

  • You will learn why our freedoms matter…
  • Learn how we can put God at the forefront again…
  • You will learn how all of this is fitting within the realm of Bible prophecy…
  • You have the chance to network with other like-minded individuals and be part of future speaker Q&A in a secret forum…
  • If you don’t attend for yourself, then attend for the sake of our children’s and grand children’s future…

Speakers include: Dave Daubenmire, Mike Adams, Ray Gano, Mark Sutherland and many more.

You can find out more here.

Sign our petition to defend godly Conversion Therapy

There is a very real threat to Christian counselling or even prayer offered by churches or individuals. See UK Government – LGBT Action Plan 2018 – part one, and the following parts.

Christian Voice has a petition to defend the right of Christians to offer or to seek help overcoming same-sex attraction.

Please consider signing it here.  Sign our petition to defend ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation

Like all senders of e-newsletters, we are soon to come under the E.U.’s New General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) which comes into effect May 25, 2018.

As I understand it, the fact that you have signed up to receive our emails means there is no need for you to re-confirm that you wish to continue to receive e-newsletters, that was the very purpose that you gave us your details. We only store your name and email address for the purpose of sending you the daily or weekly emails and on each email, there is an opportunity for you to unsubscribe.

Or if you have made comments on posts WordPress also keeps your contact details to inform you of new replies etc.

If you think we hold any information on you that you wish us to delete… you can use our contact form to request it’s removal.

Andrew Drapper

Hagmann Report

Andrew on the Hagman Report.

God willing Andrew will be a guest on the Hagmann Report tonight at 1 am… OK, that is probably really tomorrow morning, but let us not quibble about technicalities.

God willing we will have this interview up as our podcast this Sunday.