The Church of England – now beyond doubt heretical!

The Church of England has this week released its Living in Love and Faith resources, addressing the issues of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage and how they all fit within the bigger picture of the gospel.

The Wilberforce Academy’s Ben John reacts to the official Living in Love and Faith trailer, questioning where all of this might lead the Church of England.

This is not just a few liberal churches within the Church of England, this is from the very top. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Welby, is standing right with this and is promoting the acceptance of biblical abhorrent relationships. Along with him is The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell. The Archbishop of York is a senior bishop in the Church of England, and second only to the archbishop of Canterbury. The head and the… as it where deputy head of the Church of England are standing in support of this project. A project that appears to be not only condoning wrong ideas about marriage and sex but designed to move the thinking of the people in the pew toward accepting these lifestyles.

Now the Church of England is not the same as the church in England. But it is representative of the majority of ‘churchgoers’ and has a presence in almost every city, town and village in the land.

Hillsong Pastor Claims “Evolution is Undeniable” is reporting that a Hillsong Worship Pastor Claims Evolution is Undeniable And That God Created the Big Bang

On June 25th, 2018, Joel Timothy Houston, one of Hillsong Church leadership, tweeted that “God created the Big Bang,” and that “Evolution is undeniable.” Hillsong Church is based out of Sydney, Australia but also has a church in New York City.

Joel Houston, the eldest son of the founders of Hillsong, Brian and Bobbie Houston, and the co-pastor of the Hillsong Church in New York City tweeted on Monday his support of the evolutionary theory and the big bang.

His tweet reads “Evolution is undeniable—created by God as a reflective means of displaying nature’s pattern of renewal in pursuance of God’s Word—an ode to the nature of the creative God it reflects—and only ever in part—not the SOURCE! Science and faith aren’t at odds. God created the Big-Bang.”

Joel Houston is arguably the most popular and influential Christian Musician in the world because of the number of followers he has gained over the course of his career as a musician.

One of Joel’s songs “So Will I (100 Billion X)” is a song off of the album, There Is More, recorded live at ‪the Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Part of the lyrics in this song says: “And as You speak/A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath/Evolving in pursuit of what You said.”

When asked if he believes in the “Big Bang theory” or “literal six day creation,” Houston said, “It means I believe God created everything and His Word cane first..”

He later added, “If God’s creative process was an easy working week, or finely crafted over six-ages of millennia, does it make Him any more or less God?” Houston posed. “Or us any more or less created in His image? Either way, it was an unfathomably wonderful six-day process, however you think to see it.”

So what?

If you are saying Evolution/Creation, big deal, he still loves Jesus and sings about the gospel.

Well, there are a few things we need to think about.

  • Was death the tool used by God to create, or the result of our sin?
  • If death violence and destruction were the tools used by God to create the world, what does God mean by “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good…” (Genesis 1:31)?
  • If the world before sin was a world filled with death violence and destruction, what are we being saved from in this world? Will the New Heavens and the New Earth be like the world before sin, filled with death violence and destruction?

In my opinion, Joel Timothy Houston does not believe in the same God I serve nor can preach the historic Christian Gospel. We should, therefore, be very careful about the use of any of his songs in our worship.

Don’t blame Cadbury’s, blame the Church!

One of The Sun newspapers headlines yesterday was, “EASTER WHITEWASH Cadbury’s and Nestle slammed by shoppers for removing word Easter from their chocolate eggs!”,10th April 2017

[Just for now, let’s leave aside the fact that, Easter, eggs, bunnies etc. are all to do with pagan fertility beliefs and nothing to do with The death or resurrection of Jesus Christ.]

Where is the shock in this? Pagan or atheist run businesses have little or no loyalty to the Christian foundations of the holidays that they seek to make money from. Do we not see this throughout history from, the moneychangers in the temple, up to modern-day Greedmass, that the shops celebrate from around October to December every year.

BBC Resurrection Story Survey.

ComRes, (Communicate Research Ltd), surveyed 2,010 British adults by telephone, between 2 and 12 February 2017. The research was commissioned by BBC local radio for Palm Sunday.

The survey suggested:

Of all people surveyed:

  • 50% did not believe in the resurrection at all.
  • 46% believe in some form of life after death
  • 46% do not believe in life after death
  • 17% of all people believe the Bible version or the resurrection of Jesus, word-for-word.

Of those who are non-religious:

  • 20% believe in some form of life after death.
  • 9% believe in the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • 1% of whom say they believe the resurrection of Jesus literally.

Of the Christians:

  • 31% believe word-for-word the Bible version of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • 57% among “active” Christians (those who go to a religious service at least once a month), believe word-for-word the Bible version of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • 25% do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus
  • 31% said they did not believe in life after death.

The non-believers… what more could you have expected.

But the church has a big problem. We have so poorly misrepresented what a Christian is that only one-third of the people who think they are Christians believe the Bible. That is, believe that it is the inerrant word of God, otherwise, they would believe the resurrection account word-for-word.

Two-thirds of the population that think they are Christians do not believe in life after death. So what are they hoping for?

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. (1 Corinthians 15:19)

They would be better living by “… Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.” (Isaiah 22:13), if they truly believe that there is not life hereafter.

How did Britain get this way?

I can not answer this with any degree of certainty, but there is probably a combination of factors.

It appears that a GREAT section of the church in England, if not the majority of the church, have lost direction. (And that is about as polite as I can put it.)

Much of the church is taken up with; being relevant, not being judgmental, seeking the best in everyone, etc. We are no longer, or rather some of the church is no longer salt and light, no longer prepared to proclaim the whole Bible truth, the nice and the hard to hear, but rather they are blind guides.

“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

If you add to this the liberal media’s portrayal of Christianity and the removal of any form of real Christian teaching from school… leave to brew for around 50 years and you have a nation that has no understanding of what a true Christians is or what the Bible actually teaches.


Has the Church of England sold out?

On top of the slide that is happening in the Church of Englands morals with regard to sexuality in the church, apparently on the 18th February, Canterbury Cathedral will be hosting a service to “celebrate” 300 years of Freemasonry.

The Duke of Kent, First Grand Principal

The Duke of Kent, First Grand Principal

The Duke of Kent, who as well as being a patron of the Canterbury Cathedral Trust is also a Grand Master of the Freemasons, (or First Grand Principal, the Holy Royal Arch equivalent of the Grand Master in Craft Freemasonry). He will be the guest of Very Revd Dr Robert Willis, the Dean of Canterbury, who will be taking the three-hour service. In attendance also will be the heads of Freemasonry in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Freemasons in Kent, Sussex and Surrey raised £300,000 in an appeal for the restoration of the North-West Transept of the Cathedral.

Asked whether the service was linked to the donation, a spokesperson for the Cathedral apparently said: “Indeed.”

The Cathedral made the connection between the gift and the service in an “invitation on behalf of the Masonic Province of East Kent”, which states:

“Freemasonry has been pleased to support Canterbury Cathedral for many years, helping to fund essential repairs to the building, and the training of a number of apprentice stonemasons. To mark this three hundred year celebration, a major donation of £300, 000 has been made jointly by the Freemasons of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, to support the restoration of the Cathedral’s North West Transept. Three hundred thousand, to mark three hundred years.”

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

A spokesperson for the Archbishop of Canterbury declined to comment and referred queries to the Cathedral.

Well might he, decline to comment? What can he say about such an utter disgrace? One could say they might as well invite people from many other faiths to desecrate our churches… o they have already done this.

It appears that Masonic cash buys a lot of influence in the Church of England. Only a little while ago I was heating of a donation made by the Freemasons, for a costly, Savile Row clock, for conduction funerals.

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

Proud to be gay

Not yet proud to be a Christian?

Today, members of the Church of England’s ruling body have voted not to “take note” of a controversial report on homosexuality and same-sex marriage, which I hope to look at later, but I was shocked by a poster held by a protestor. The poster read:

“Proud to be Gay, Now make me proud to be Christian”.

So you, whoever you are, (sorry I do not know your name), are proud of your chosen sexual practice. But not proud to be a Christian?

Just for now, I am not going to enter into the debate about pride and the challenges of should or should we not, take pride in things. Nor going to take on such verses as Ephesians 2:8-9 and us having no reason to boast, because the nature of the poster assumes it is ok to be proud and that it would also be possible to take pride in being a Christian. Well, we could if the Church of England was not so nasty.

If you, poster holder, are saved:

  • God loves you.
  • God has chosen you.
  • Jesus has laid down his life in ransom for you.
  • Suffered in the Garden for you weeping over his suffering versus your eternal salvation.
  • He bled on the cross out of love for you.
  • Through the Holy Spirit, you are regenerated, having new life in you
  • You are now in Christ, part of the body of Christ.
  • Jesus is preparing a place for you.

And you are proud of your sexual acts and not if the love and grace that Jesus has poured out on you. That seems to me somewhat ungrateful at the very least.

If you are truly born again, how can you despise you birthright, being brought by Christ, by publicly saying you can not be proud to be a Christian, bought at a price by the blood of Christ, unlet the Church of England legitimises you going against the bible?

“… thus Esau despised his birthright.” (Genesis 25:34)

Old City Walls

Are wall builders evil?

Many, many people are condemning Donald Trump for his plan to build a wall on America’s southern border. Even members of my family are tweeting about how wrong this is…

I thought I might step back and give some thought about walls and wall builders. What are walls for? Why do people build walls?  Are walls and people who build walls good or bad, right or wrong.

I was going to start with the Bible as this is, and must be, our foundation, but I thought first I would just have a think about walls in our everyday life.

My home.

Door LockAt home I have walls. My house has walls around it that keep us warm and safe and keep our goods safe. These walls have windows and doors in them, and these windows and doors have locks on them. These walls keep out the cold, wind and rain. The windows and doors let in the things I want in the house, light, fresh air, and friends. Generally speaking, most of us would consider that we have the right to have walls in our homes. And that we should have the right to let in those we things want in, and to keep out those we do not want within our homes.

I do not have a historical right to the land our house is on, I do not even own the house, we rent the house. However, most ordinary people would not consider us to be evil for locking the door to our house to keep people out when we go out for the day. Nor do I lock my house to keep out good law abiding people, there is no need to keep them locked out. I lock my house against the criminal and unlawful.

People who call for a borderless world.

Very few people who are, ‘anti-wall’ would leave their home unlocked when they were away. Most of the prominent individuals who call for a borderless world, or who use rhetoric like “build bridges not walls,” have walls around their own property.

vatican city walls

Vatican City Walls

The Daily Mail, “When Francis visited the border during a trip to Mexico in February, he said that politicians who propose to build walls instead of bridges are ‘not Christian.’ The Vatican, however, is protected by 40 ft. tall walls. Has anyone noticed the Pope building any bridges over these walls?

Michelle Obama, addressing the class of 2016 at the City College of New York, said, “Here in America we don’t let our differences tear us apart. Here in America, we don’t give in to our fears; we don’t build walls to keep people out.” However, the Obama’s new house has a fresh new wall and fence barrier around it with a Secret Service booth. So if people in America do not build walls to keep people out, is this wall to keep the Obama children in?

No, despite the many protestations of we want an open world, when it comes down to it, we each want to have the comfort of at least a small secure area. People have the right to security, so do nations.

If you demand the right to enter and live in the Vatican or the Obama’s new home, you will soon find yourself being shown in a very clear way that you do not have the right to live in either or those places.

I can invite people in, and have even invited homeless people into my home and given them food, and a warm place to live. However, that is at my invitation, not at their forcing their way into my house.

So, what about the Bible?

Adam and Eve lived in a beautiful garden. No wall there! Having said that, there were no clothes or death, and initially no sin either.

flaming swordsHowever, before we get to the end of the third chapter, Adam and Eve have been put out of the garden, and there are Cherubim, with flaming swords keeping Adam and his wife from re-entering the Garden of Eden. No mention of a wall, but the is, as it were a wall of fire. If there were still no sin, we would have no need of walls.

The wall of fire around the Garden of Eden was to keep Adam and Eve out, for their own good, and for our good too. But some walls are to keep the people inside safe. If we look into the story of the return of the Jews from exile in Babilon, we might find Nehemiah upset at the lack of a wall to keep the inhabitants of Jerusalem safe.

The message got to Nehemiah that, “… The remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with fire. And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven.” (Nehemiah 1:3–4)

Nehemiah knows that it is a sad thing for a people to be left vulnerable to evil people.

Even in the New Jerusalem, there will be walls and gates. “[New Jerusalem] had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.” (Revelation 21:12)

Now you may be boiling, and saying, “You are as bad as Trump and are calling all Mexicans evil!” No! I do not lock my home because everyone in England is evil. I lock my door because some people in England are bad, and I do not know when they will try to enter my house and burgle it.

Trump is not proposing to build a wall to keep the good Mexicans, who would only enter America legally out. The wall is to keep out the bad Mexicans who not only enter America illegally but also traffic guns, drugs and slaves across the border.

On top of the few ‘bad Mexicans’ who might need to be kept from entering America illegally, there are the other people, other than Mexicans, that cross Mexico to reach America, who may be deterred from being in Mexico on the way to America.

Trump is being painted as a racist because he wants to provide safety and security to the country that elected him to be the President. Maybe we should give it a little time and see if he acts like a racist or a president. If he starts deporting legal, law abiding Hispanics or other minorities, then maybe we should brand him a racist. However, if he, on the whole, only deports murderers, thieves, violent gang members, drug suppliers and other illegals, them maybe we should stop using such emotive and unwarranted language.