TRPR 149 – Interview with Professor Peter Ridd.

Andrew chats with Professor Peter Ridd about “Peer-reviewed science!” and the need for a body to rigorously check scientific findings that governments are going to build policy on, and how questioning the soundness of some scientific claims cost him his professorship.

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The Red Pill Report episode 149.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

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We value your prayer.

Dear valued reader and listener,

Yesterday my wonderful wife, Ruth, was admitted to hospital with a stroke. Apparently, this was a full stroke but it has had minimal effect. She has some weakness in her left leg and a little trouble with the face and tongue on the left side. Praise God there is, as far as we know, noting more.

By the evening she was already doing much better.

We are not sure when she will be out of the hospital and even then, I will still need o be giving her a lot more support and so I may not be posting a podcast this weekend.

We value your prayer and support and give glory to God for his goodness to us in all things when they look good and when, to us, they look bad.


TRPR 139 – Interview with Robin Tilbrook.

Andrew chats with  Robin Tilbrook Chairman of The English Democrats, about his assertion and his court case that claims that we have already left the EU on the 29th March 2019. Why? Find out during this interview. 

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European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 2017 CHAPTER 9


An Act to confer power on the Prime Minister to notify, under Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU. [16th March 2017]

BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Power to notify withdrawal from the EU

(1) The Prime Minister may notify, under Article 50

(2) of the Treaty on European Union, the United Kingdom’s intention to withdraw from the EU. (2) This section has effect despite any provision made by or under the European Communities Act 1972 or [any other enactment].

2 Short title

This Act may be cited as the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017.

People I really need your help on this by getting this into the face of every news outlet.

Robin Tilbrook’s Facebook account was taken down (disabled) when he published the full 137 words of this law! (In text form as above ) i.e

They do not want the text version and nub of the case – This Law – all over the internet!

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017.

Why is it significant?

The presiding Judge in our case omitted this from his ruling in its entirety! In my view he did this on purpose to mislead people into thinking our case was in his words “The nub of the claim” other acts, without referring to the “real” nub of the claim “European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017” This is NOT a minor omission.

There is a reason for it!

We are right! He could not disagree and therefore chose not to rule on it or mention it! HE CHOSE TO REFUSE OUR JUDICIAL REVIEW TO STOP THIS BEING AIRED IN OPEN COURT. The same as MSM and Parliament! A pattern is emerging! The picture is like a Meme. It cannot be censored. The text can. It is the text they are worried about!

This act is so “specific” in it’s wording in LAW (it does not imply, it is specific).

There is NOTHING complex about this at all.

1. It only confers power by parliament to issue the notice (not withdraw or extend it).

2. Once notice is given the clocks ticking (two years max OUT, OUT)

3. It specifically repeals (in spite of) the European Communities Act 1972.

4. “any other enactment” The last limb of this simple Law says “no other law,” which means no statutory instrument, no motion, no other law! can alter this act.

The act has full force of “Constitutional Law” as it was elevated and caused by three things

1. A Common Law ruling in the Gina Miller case

2. Common Law ruling in the Metric Martyrs Case

3. The 2nd Referendum. Thats it. No if’s No But’s. Your BEING CONNED like in the 1970’s by the same establishment, same play book, Different actors!

Look at the ruling from this Judge. Not a single mention of “European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017. This simple 137 word law. Not a single ref. It mentions all of the other acts except this “crucial one”. This is deliberate! Why? We are OUT!

An Open Letter to Lisa Raitt” on the Climate Mob Effect

What happens to society when people who are presenting facts are bullied into silence? Canadian MP Lisa Raitt retweeted a Financial Post article written by Dr. Ross McKitrick. The article talked about what happens to people – like Roger Pielke, Jr. – who present climate facts that are counter to popular beliefs. They are usually attacked by the ‘climate mob’ and bullied into silence. That’s exactly what then happened to Lisa Raitt for her retweet!

Dr. MckItrick then wrote Lisa an open letter, citing numerous climate facts that dispute popular beliefs of many parliamentarians and the public. It was such a great letter, our Communications Manager thought it was worth a public reading. The letter is full of wisdom, including an anecdote about one of McKitrick’s friends who lived in the former Soviet Union. That friend pointed out that people silenced themselves under the repressive regime.

The take-away? Silence makes us victims, so speak up with your views on climate. Have courage and demand open, civil debate on these important issues.