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General Election 2017

If you have been watching the UK TV or listening to the Radio or reading the newspapers this morning… you are probably already sick and tired of hearing about the British general election.

You still have over seven weeks of this to go!

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For years I have voted for UKIP as I felt that the most important thing to be done was getting out of Europe. Yes, preventing the thousands of abortions are morally more important, but until you have taken control of your own law making, you could not even think of changing things like our abortion laws.

I think we are probably still in the position that what we need to do is to secure Brexit.

Other than that, I think we are still too early in the campaign to make any worthwhile comments on the election campaign so far.

Keep tuned for more comments.

map of turkey

Erdogan wins vote in Turkey, to expand presidential powers.

Turkish President Erdogan narrowly won a referendum yesterday, (Sunday 16th April 2017) that will allow him to expand presidential powers, which could keep him in office until 2029.

With 99.45% of ballots counted, the “Yes” campaign had won 51.37% and “No” 48.63%, and the electoral board called a victory for “Yes”.

There is talk of electorial fraud and the like, as there almost always is nowadays, but it is very unlikely that Erdogan’s victory will be overturned. We will see over the next few days or weeks how the opposition to Erdogan’s victory react and what action will be taken about the claims of electoral fraud.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

What we can probably predict is that Erdogan’s victory in this referendum is likely to raise tensions in the region, not lower them.

Giving Erdogan more power is likely to see Turkey move more towards being an Islamic state. Is likely to make political relations header in Europe and lily to increase tension on the subject or Islamic immigration into Europe. Before the referendum, Turkey was threatening to flood Europe with a flood of refugees. While this is unlikely to be acted upon with any speed, we are likely to see an increase in this kind of radical rhetoric and threats.

The relationship between Turkey and NATO, (Turkey being a member of NATO), is likely to become more strained.

It was also reported that Erdogan’s son-in-law was involved in buying millions of dollars of oil from ISIS, thus funding much of their fight in recent years. (The Independent)

We are also likely to see an even more powerful crackdown on information and opposition to the Erdogan faction over the coming weeks and months.

With tension growing in Syria, North Korea and in the South China Sea… this referendum is unlikely to lower tensions around the world.

Don’t blame Cadbury’s, blame the Church!

One of The Sun newspapers headlines yesterday was, “EASTER WHITEWASH Cadbury’s and Nestle slammed by shoppers for removing word Easter from their chocolate eggs!”,10th April 2017

[Just for now, let’s leave aside the fact that, Easter, eggs, bunnies etc. are all to do with pagan fertility beliefs and nothing to do with The death or resurrection of Jesus Christ.]

Where is the shock in this? Pagan or atheist run businesses have little or no loyalty to the Christian foundations of the holidays that they seek to make money from. Do we not see this throughout history from, the moneychangers in the temple, up to modern-day Greedmass, that the shops celebrate from around October to December every year.

BBC Resurrection Story Survey.

ComRes, (Communicate Research Ltd), surveyed 2,010 British adults by telephone, between 2 and 12 February 2017. The research was commissioned by BBC local radio for Palm Sunday.

The survey suggested:

Of all people surveyed:

  • 50% did not believe in the resurrection at all.
  • 46% believe in some form of life after death
  • 46% do not believe in life after death
  • 17% of all people believe the Bible version or the resurrection of Jesus, word-for-word.

Of those who are non-religious:

  • 20% believe in some form of life after death.
  • 9% believe in the Resurrection of Jesus.
  • 1% of whom say they believe the resurrection of Jesus literally.

Of the Christians:

  • 31% believe word-for-word the Bible version of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • 57% among “active” Christians (those who go to a religious service at least once a month), believe word-for-word the Bible version of the resurrection of Jesus.
  • 25% do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus
  • 31% said they did not believe in life after death.

The non-believers… what more could you have expected.

But the church has a big problem. We have so poorly misrepresented what a Christian is that only one-third of the people who think they are Christians believe the Bible. That is, believe that it is the inerrant word of God, otherwise, they would believe the resurrection account word-for-word.

Two-thirds of the population that think they are Christians do not believe in life after death. So what are they hoping for?

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. (1 Corinthians 15:19)

They would be better living by “… Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.” (Isaiah 22:13), if they truly believe that there is not life hereafter.

How did Britain get this way?

I can not answer this with any degree of certainty, but there is probably a combination of factors.

It appears that a GREAT section of the church in England, if not the majority of the church, have lost direction. (And that is about as polite as I can put it.)

Much of the church is taken up with; being relevant, not being judgmental, seeking the best in everyone, etc. We are no longer, or rather some of the church is no longer salt and light, no longer prepared to proclaim the whole Bible truth, the nice and the hard to hear, but rather they are blind guides.

“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14)

If you add to this the liberal media’s portrayal of Christianity and the removal of any form of real Christian teaching from school… leave to brew for around 50 years and you have a nation that has no understanding of what a true Christians is or what the Bible actually teaches.

Chemical weapons attack on children

This week the world has been outraged and rightly so at a chemical attack on children.

(At times like this the world calls them innocent children, though any parent or theologian knows that there is evil lurking there in their hearts. This is just me being a pedant, to all intense they are innocent in that they do not deserve us to kill hem horribly with burning chemicals.)

I am not really sure that chemical attacks on an adult are much less bad, I do not want to die while choking up me bleeding lungs. But let’s assume that killing babies by burning them with chemicals is bad.

Here in the UK and widely across the world, we regularly and legally kill babies with chemicals every day. If this was brought to your attention on the BBC or on CNN and if there where videos of the suffering children there would be an outcry. But these babies are poisoned and killed in what should be the safest place on earth. Within the mother’s womb.

If this was brought to your attention on the BBC or on CNN and if there where videos of the suffering children there would be an outcry. But these babies are poisoned and killed in what should be the safest place on earth. Within the mother’s womb. So no oxygen masks, no rushing them to the hospital in the arms of their parents, No crying – at least no crying that you can hear. Just an agonising death in the dark. Eyes, and lungs and skin burning, and no relief. No one here will wash your skin or eyes with fresh water.

Most abortion actually involves the baby being dismembered by a powerful suction tube with a sharp cutting edge is inserted into the womb through the dilated cervix. Then the blood, amniotic fluid, placental tissue, and baby body parts are sucked into a collection bottle. Others are starved by chemicals that stop the mother feeding the child.

Salt Poisoning

However, many children are being killed by saline amniocentesis. This technique is used after 16 weeks of pregnancy when enough fluid has accumulated in the amniotic fluid sac surrounding the baby.

A needle is inserted through the mother’s abdomen and 50-250 ml (as much as a cup) of amniotic fluid is withdrawn and replaced with a solution of concentrated salt. The baby breathes in, swallowing the salt, and is poisoned. The chemical solution also causes painful burning and deterioration of the baby’s skin. Usually, after about an hour, the child dies. The mother goes into labour about 33 to 35 hours after installation and delivers a dead, burned, and shrivelled baby. About 97% of mothers deliver their dead babies within 72 hours.

Killing children in a chemical attack is just wrong. Whether in Syria or the womb.

If you have killed your baby, and are now feeling bad, there is an answer. There is forgiveness in Jesus. Contact me for a copy of Finding Gid’s Way.

One of the best Pro-life speeches EVER! Gianna Jessen abortion survivor.



Assad in the cross hairs.

Danger, danger over Syria!

I am VERY concerned!

It appears that “they” have succeeded in turning Trump, and have all but succeded in plunging the world into war. If not war, the takedown of Assad and a VERY heightened risk of war with Russia.


The gas attack before this most recent attack, the Ghouta chemical/gas attack of 2013, was a ‘false flag’ intended to give Barak Obama a reason to invade Syria.

Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels. The great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in two previous articles in the London Review of Books («Whose Sarin?» and «The Red Line and the Rat Line») has reported that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for the sarin gas attack that Obama was trying to use as an excuse to invade Syria; and Hersh pointed to a report from British intelligence saying that the sarin that was used didn’t come from Assad’s stockpiles. Hersh also said that a secret agreement in 2012 was reached between the Obama Administration and the leaders of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, to set up a sarin gas attack and blame it on Assad so that the US could invade and overthrow Assad. «By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria». from

If you want more on this see this YouTube video.

It was only the fact that the Russians said, over our dead bodies are you going to depose Assad and take Syria that they backed down.

The gas attack this week.

Almost without a doubt, this last gas attack was also… not Assad. Why would he get up in the morning and say, “Hey, the world is coming to terms with me leading Syria, I better prove to them I am a mad man and get them to attack me and probably kill me.” It just does not make sense.

I do not yet have independent evidence to say if it was the Assad’s attack on a weapons store that released rebel gas, or if it was a CIA or the like who released the gas after the attack to provide the excuse for an invasion. Either way, they will not let this opportunity to take control of Syria go without an all out effort to depose Assad and carve up Syria.

Either way, most, of not all of my analyst friends believe that it was not Assad.

In the recent gas attack, a few dozens of people died. They died horribly and it is an utter tragedy. A wicked crime. But before we kill Assad and many tens of thousands of his troops and civilians in an attack on Syria. You must be sure that it is just.

First, ask yourself some questions.

  • Do we yet KNOW it was Assad? (NO – even the left-leaning establishment media is still talking about the alleged attack by Assad). That will not stop people blaming Assad, nor the UN taking action against him.
  • Who is ultimately responsible for the war in which this ‘attack’ is just one event?
  • Assad is the 19th and current President of Syria. Legitimate President even if we do not like him.
  • His country is under attack. He is defending it.
  • There are military operations in his country, and against the legitimate government from many many nations. Including Israel, America, and the UK. Though the majority of the fighters are non-Syrian radical Muslims supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.
  • This war is in Assad’s country and against his government. He is not attacking other countries, he is defending his.
  • The rebel fighters are hiding in amongst the civilian population so that it is very hard to fight them without killing civilians. I think this is actually a war crime is it not? No outcry about that. No, “We must stop these evil war criminal rebels,” because they are serving our agenda.
  • Another question you could try is, “why are the almost 1,000 civilian non-combatant deaths across Iraq and Syria in March by coalition forces ok, but these few dozens are a war crime?” see the Independent article here.

I am by no means saying that Assad is a good man or even that he should be the president of Syria. But that to blame him for defending his country is a bit off.

Remove the rebel fighters for a year. Remove sanctions and help the country to rebuild and then see if he is still killing people.

Trump now talking about getting involved in Syria.

Now it appears that they have managed to force Trump’s hand into taking action against Assad.

I do not know if it is from the continuous illegal surveillance of Trump and some dirt they have threatened him with, or whether he has been hoodwinked into believing that it truly was Assad. But we can certainly see that using the ‘Bad Russia,’ ‘fake news,’ about Russia hacking the USelectionss, they have left no room for Trump to be seen as soft or friendly towards the Russia supported Assad regime.

Russia stopped the slaughter known as the Arab Spring, it looks like the elite are doing everything they can do to get it going again.

We could also talk about the huge NATO buildup on the border or Russia, but for now, I do not have time to get into this.

Not only Google and Facebook, but Vimeo and others censoring Christians.

There has been much talk about both Christians and the Gospel message in all its forms and many conservative new subjects such as paedophilia in the upper levels of society being either censored or demoted in both search findings and in monetization.

At one time it looked like there were many other places that you could put out your work, like for example Vimeo. However, it appears that many of these other sites are also being shut down to the gospel too.

A few days ago, (April 3, 2017) Charisma News reported on the case of Vimeo banning videos of the testimonies of people who have moved on from a homosexual life, and who are now living as heterosexuals.

Read more here.