YouTube – Sanitizing the world of Conservatism.

It appears from many, many reports that I am receiving, that anything other then pro-liberal, Pro-leftwing anti-Trump views are being sanitised or de-monetised from Youtube. I am...
UK Election 2017

Live Blog – UK General Election 2017

I will do a little live blogging of the UK General Election 2017, but it will be more my comments than an attempt at an alternative...

It is now time to vote.

This is election day for the UK. We live in a world where we can not take it for granted that we will have the...

How CNN stage the news!

Take one street scene. Remove ethnically inappropriate police. Assemble large film crew, director, sound lighting etc. Arrange flower. Direct the grieving crowd. And you end up with Becky Anderson an...

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

I do not agree with all of this video, but it is basically sound.
london terror attack

London Terror Attack – June 2017

I feel I should say something... but what can we say at this moment? Well, I guess first, how sorry we are for all those...
UK Election 2017

General Election – Who will I vote for?

  I have been looking, as most of you have at the things that the media are telling us about the General Election. BBC Election Debate...
Fall of Christianity 2017

A picture of decline in Christianity in the UK.

The Benedict XVI Center for Religion and Society, launched by St. Mary's University in Twickenham, released its May study based on data from the latest...

Two-minute election message from Colin Hart of the Christian Institute.

This is a good starting point for Christians as we approach the General Election in just a few weeks.

French Presidential Election 2017 (Live Blog)

This is our first attempt at live blogging... forgive us if it goes wrong.