European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 – Now Law!

If you have been following the progress of the Brexit bill through parliament you probably already know that it has passed its last hurdle in the House of Commons, and now are reporting that it has received it Royal Assent.

The British Government website now shows that the bill has passed all of it sections.

Following agreement by both Houses on the text of the Bill, it received Royal Assent on 26 June. The Bill is now an Act of Parliament (law).

Summary of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018

A Bill to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and make other provision in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU.

Countdown to Brexit

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The press paint Tommy and you EVIL!

There was a time… or maybe there wasn’t, but we like to think there was a time when the press reported on the facts of a case, it did not act as a propaganda machine.

But let us take a look at the Mail Online’s reporting about Tommy Robinson,’s arrest. A great many other mainstream media articles were very similar.

“Far-right demonstrators”

Image above. “Far-right demonstrators” there were hundreds if not thousands of demonstrators. How did the Mail survey their political leaning? You could surmise that they were “Outraged Robinson supporters” or “Free speech supporters”. But how can you tell that they all were Far-right? If I was free and local I would have been there and I am far from Far-right… well as it is normally defined.

“EDL founder”

We this is factual but is it accurate. OK, this is a quote from Wikipedia, but I believe this is accurate. “On 8 October 2013, Quilliam held a press conference with Robinson and Kevin Carroll to announce that Robinson and Carroll had left the EDL. Robinson said that he had been considering leaving for a long time because of concerns over the “dangers of far-right extremism”. Robinson said that it was still his aim to “counter Islamist ideology […] not with violence but with democratic ideas”. Ten other senior figures left the EDL with Robinson and Carroll, and Tim Ablitt became the EDL’s new leader” So yes he did found the EDL, but when it became infiltrated within Tommy’s words “far-right extremism” he left it.

But almost everywhere the mainstream media introduce the subject of Tommy Robinson they start by saying the founder of the EDL. Why? Presumably to start you off believing that Tommy is an extremist before you start to read the story.

“Caught filming outside a court”

Was he “caught” filming? Who caught him? Before he started to film there were police outside the court. He talks with them about where he is allowed to film, (because of a restriction on him from an earlier case). His film was a live broadcast on Facebook. He was not caught filming in that he was not trying to hide the fact that he was filming, he was picked up for filming or arrested filming. But not caught filming. Again, in my opinion, you here have an attempt to suggest, subterfuge or that Tommy was doing something in secret, but that was discovered.

Tommy is no angel.

I have not problem admitting that Tommy is no angel, nor that he has a less than perfect past. But if he left the EDL because it was too racist and too far-right, it is nothing but propaganda to always introduce him as the founder of the EDL. Have the decency to let protestors define their own political standing. Report the facts, leave propaganda to your opinion columns.