Am I a Trump Suppoter?​ NO!

This week I was rather rudely attacked as a Trump supporter and told…

“you supported Trump who said he’d grab a woman if he wanted”

So am I a Trump supporter?

I have…. well no standing in this matter really, I can not vote for Trump or for anyone else who may be standing for the presidency of the USA. However, if I had a vote in the 2016 presidential election, I would have voted for Trump.

So doesn’t that make me a Trump supporter?

No, it just makes me more against Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump.

The fact that I would have voted for Trump does not in any way suggest that I believe him to be a; great guy or a good man or even a good chose for the presidency. But if you are given the chose of a bad man for the presidency or a, (in my opinion), really wicked woman… Trump it is.

And as for his mistreatment of women. As Trump might say, “not good.” But the women that I have heard about Trump mistreating, were to one extent to the other also playing the sexually liberated game form the flirty to the porn start. I believe if the could have found more innocent women that he mistreated they would have had them all over the Main Stream Media.

Hillary, (in my opinion), is married to a serial woman abuser and is according to information that I have heard also a serial sexual abuser of women.

She is given to violent temper tantrums, and while Bill was in the white house would often through objects about the place, even at security staff. There are many who also believe that she is a practising witch.

She has a considerable history of lying about her time in office and with Obama would make light of the deaths that they had been responsible for.

“We came, we saw, he died”

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi

She calmed that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia to big herself up, but in fact, it was a peaceful landing.

She sold uraniums to the Russians.

On top of this, I believe that she is a warmonger. and more not to mention all the Arkancideds that happen when the Clintons area around, (Arkancide is the unfortunate habit of potential witnesses to the Clintons’ dirty dealings in Arkansas suddenly deciding to shoot themselves twice in the back of the head).

“not good!”

There is much more that could be said, but given the choice of Trump or Clinton, Trump was not the best choice but was at least the least worse.

I have included some videos you might like to see below.

Would I vote for him in 2020?

Almost for certain not.

In 2016, Trump was the least worst out of himself and Hillary. He appeared, and I believe was on the whole, independent of the establishment, (the deep state), he was full of good intentions to stop uncontrolled immigration, and to protect the freedom, in fact to return some of the stolen freedom of the church to speak out on matter of morality and politics.

Today, Trump appears to have been turned by the powers of the deep state. He is now moving towards the promotion of LGBT rights to the point where even the church will be forced to marry people of the same sex. And he appears to have sold out to the very strong Zionist powers that hold so much power in the corridors of government in the USA.

Now it is still possible that Trump may be the least worse choice in the 2020 elections… but he now appears to be too dangerous to vote for even if that means that you just can not vote.

I am not a Trump supporter, I never have been. My allegiance is the God, his revealed word the Bible and to living to the best of my ability to please HIm. Trump has often been right and often been the right choice, but is it not Trump right or wrong.

In some cases he still is the right choice, but the bad is now beginning to outweigh the good.

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi
Clinton’s Bosnia fabrication.
Everybody was colluding with Russia except Trump
Drop the smirk, Hillary – four Americans are dead

ISIS has nothing to do with Islam!

This is a great tongue in cheek video.

“We all know ISIS have nothing to do with Islam…

We join an Islamic apologetic class instructing students to go out and preach to the infidels online that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.

Huge thanks to the one and only Sye Ten Atheist who animated this video in such a glorious way. If you haven’t already, go subscribe for brilliant entertaining content.”

Revival or revolution by Bob Hutton

This is a re-post from Bob Hutton’s blog THE GOSPEL TRUTH

I recently watched a dramatised documentary on the French Revolution and, while, I can understand the deep resentment caused by the dire poverty of the 1700s (the Aristocracy living in opulent splendour) it became apparent as time went on that this cataclysmic event was inspired, not by a genuine attempt to right social wrongs, but by a strong humanistic motive. The leaders were godless men who had no time for the teachings of the Bible and harped on about the “Rights of Man”. After having killed the king and his wife, they then instituted a great terror which meant that anyone who was suspected of having any sympathies for the “old order” lost their heads, quite literally!

This terrible time then culminated in the leaders turning on one another in an orgy of blood-letting. As this madness was creeping into England, God, in His mercy, brought a revival and, instead of many thousands being butchered on the guillotine, as in France, the same number were being saved from their sins through faith in Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

As the 1800s progressed the effects of those two events (revolution in France and revival in England) became clear – France had a century of huge instability coupled with political upheaval and heavy military defeats; England had a time of economic growth and saw an expansion of a worldwide empire. While not everything about the British Empire was good, it did facilitate the spread of the Gospel as missionary endeavour increased exponentially.

Fast forward to the present time and what do we see? The residual benefits of the 18th-century revival have long gone; a largely godless Parliament has, over the last 50 years, passed a string of anti-Christian laws which show a blatant disregard for the teachings of God’s infallible word. The effects of this are obvious for all to see – a government in perpetual crisis, rampant wickedness and immorality, unnatural perversions being openly promoted and encouraged, the persecution of evangelical Christians, a rapidly rising crime rate and, while people are being openly butchered on the streets in broad daylight, a Police “service” that is more concerned with soothing the hurt-feelings of perverts than going after the real criminals.

As we approach 2019 it appears that the situation, despite the best intentions of well-meaning “do-gooders”, is going to get worse. The only hope, as it was in the 1700s is, revival – the politicians, police and liberal church leaders have all failed. Only God can save this country now.

One hopes that, despite the fact we have treated Him so badly, He will yet have mercy on this land, there is no other way the country can be saved – “….in wrath, remember mercy” (Habakkuk 3 v 2)

Thanks Bob,

Few people today have the perception to recognise that it was the preaching of the gospel that saved Britain from a bloody overspill of the French Revolution, not the responsibility that the church in the UK has for the decline in the morality and possible coming judgement on Britan. The church should restrain the shedding of innocent blood, but just a week or two ago I was reporting on the blessing of an abortion facility by the church.

The dramatised documentary that Bob mentioned can be seen here.