Breaking News – Novichok Poisoning in Wiltshire

Four months to the day after the Skripal poisoning event, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu has said that the substance which has left two people critically ill in Amesbury was nerve agent Novichok. Both patients remain in a critical condition in hospital, although nobody else has presented with signs of exposure to the nerve agent.

They do not as yet have any connection between this couple and Sergei Skripal or Russia, but I would expect that to be the end that we will be lead to in the near future.

My first thoughts.

  • Is Russia getting too much positive publicity from the World Cup?
  • Trump is to meet Putin alone at Helsinki summit on the July 16 this year. Do we, (the west), need to paint Putin as evil again in preparation to undermine these talks.
  • Was it nothing to do with Russia, but something that has escaped/been lost from Porton Down.

Even if they do not directly connect this new event with Russia, within minutes the BBC were connecting it again to Russia and saying that Russia poisoned the Skripals, and the BBC has continued to make this connection in the coverage since. Headlines like; this poisoning took lace “just a few miles from the site of the Russian poisoning.”

What we found out about the Sergei Skripal/Novichok event.

We should remember the information that came out to the alternative media.

  • Israel said that they know of 20 countries with Novichok.
  • The head of Porton Down said that they could not connect the Novichok used to poison the  Skripals to Russia.
  • When you asked the question who benefitted from the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, Russia was not a beneficiary of the event.

I have to say that I do not know who poisoned Sergei Skripal, nor who is responsible for this event. But both events smell very fishy to me.

Canadian Police issue state-wide arrest warrant for Christian accused of LGBT ‘hate’ crimes

According to Christianity Today, Toronto police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for a Christian who handed out flyers at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade warning of the spiritual and biological dangers of sodomy.

Bill Whatcott announced on the Free North America portal he intends to turn himself into the Calgary police on Friday, June 22 at 10:00 a.m.

Toronto 51 Division is charging Whatcott with ‘inciting hatred under Section 391 of Canada’s Criminal Code.’

My Crime.

Whatcott says, “The ‘crime’? My ministry bringing the Gospel and the truth about homosexuality to Toronto’s homosexual pride parade in 2016.”

Constable Caroline de Kloet, media relations officer for Toronto Police Service, said the charges arose from a two-year investigation into a complaint the police received in 2016, but that police don’t give out “victim information.”

Two-page pamphlet.

Whatcott handed out a two-page pamphlet featured graphic images of anal warts, a mottled corpse described as an “AIDS fatality,” and one of “genital warts in the mouth,” beside a headshot of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It excoriated the “homosexual activism” of Trudeau, former Liberal defence minister Bill Graham, and now-outgoing Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, and blasted Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum and its connection to the former deputy minister of education Ben Levin, convicted in 2015 of three child pornography charges.

“Canada has embarked on a destructive journey toward sexual anarchy and homosexual inspired oppression,” the pamphlet declared.

“The clear evidence contained in this package shows Canada’s new sexual ethic is contrary to natural law and no good will come of it.”

[In my mind, Christians who are as aggressive as Whatcott, do not help the case for the Gospel and can risk bringing the church into greater persecution. However, what he says is true and most of the church is guilty of saying WAY too little about this matter. ]

$104 million class action

A month after 2016 Toronto Pride Parade, activist lawyer Douglas Elliott launched a $104 million class action suit against Whatcott and the five unnamed “zombies,” and anyone who aided and abetted them.

“We are going to go after everyone who helped him,” Elliott said at a press conference. “Every person, every church, every non-profit organization, everyone who helped this wicked man promote his hatred is going to be held accountable.”

That was echoed by the suit’s two named plaintiffs — former Liberal MPP and openly homosexual George Smitherman, and homosexual bar owner Christopher Hudspeth.

Hudspeth said the lawsuit would “smoke out” all those who helped Whatcott, and Smitherman said he was “pleased” to “do all we can to stamp this hateful individual out.”

The lawsuit claimed Whatcott’s actions defamed and caused pain to some 9,000 recipients of the leaflets, 500,000 estimated watchers of the parade, and a subclass of individuals publicly identified as Liberals.

Justice Paul Perell ruled in March 2017 that Elliott could not claim defamation of an entire group, such as the Pride Parade participants or the “LGTBTQ2SI Community,” but only of individuals.

But he also issued an order that Whatcott discloses the names his fellow half “gay zombies” as well as those of “unidentified financial backers” who funded the group’s expenses.

The judge ruled knowing these identities was necessary for the homosexual advocates if they decide to go ahead with further legal action.

Canadians should be alarmed at the state’s prosecution of Whatcott for “distributing gospel pamphlets,” says Calgary-based Pastor Art Pawlowski, founder of Street Church, and a friend of Whatcott.

“We’re turning Canada into a Nazi state, into a communist state, where if you voice your politically incorrect views, you will be attacked by the forces of the government,” said Pawlowski.

My thoughts.

[I am put in mind of Matthew 10:16 which says “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” We should be the sheep, not the wolves, and we should be wise and harmless. Above reproach. Or 2 Corinthians 6:3 which says “Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed.” I can not help but wonder if Whatcott is giving unnecessary offence, and thereby hindering the ministry.

Having said that, I am reminded of the lady who said to Billy Graham, “I do not like the way you share the Gospel,” when asked how she shared the gospel she admitted that she did not share the gospel. Mr Graham replied something like, I prefer the way I do evangelism, to the way you don’t.

I can not really complain about Whatcott actions, while I am not at any pride marches reaching out with the Gospel.]

The Netherlands Approves Burqa Ban.

The Dutch Senate has approved a law that bans the wearing of “face-covering clothing” in public buildings, including hospitals, schools and government offices, as well as on public transportation.

The ban does not extend to the streets of the Netherlands, the law does authorize police to ask individuals to remove face-covering clothing to establish their identity.

Those found flouting the ban — which includes Islamic veils and robes such as burqas (which cover the entire face) and niqabs (which cover the entire face except for the eyes), as well as balaclavas and full-face helmets — will be subject to a fine of €410.

In a statement, the government, which has not yet said when the law will enter into effect, explained its purpose:

“In a free country like the Netherlands, everyone has the freedom and space to behave and dress as he or she desires. Sometimes, limits can and must be imposed on that freedom. In the case of face-covering clothing, this applies in particular if mutual communication is impeded or safety is jeopardized.

“Mutual communication whereby people can look each other in the face is so important that uniform rules have now been laid down by law. This makes it clear to everyone what is and is not allowed in those situations.”

While we fully understand that people want to live according to the couture that they have been brought up in. When you move to another country because it has something that you want and admire, you probably should work to fit in.

While modest dress, is to be admired, full face covering is not necessary for modesty, and for many women is probably rather oppressive.

Trump locking children in cages… or is he?

Social media has been flooded with the above picture and claims that the US government is separating children from their parents, (parents who are criminals, illegal immigrants), then putting the children in cages like animals.

Caged toddler out or the cage. There children in the cage holding posters.

But is that what was happening?

No. The boy was in a cage, but he was put in their by his parents to stage the photo.

The photograph was taken at a protest to call attention to the Trump administration’s practice of separating families and confining undocumented children. The photo was taken on the 10th June 2018, in front of Dallas City Hall.

So powerful has been the outcry that this photo has raised that US President Donald Trump has bowed to public pressure and signed an executive order promising to “keep families together” in migrant detentions.

Mr Trump reversed his own policy amid international fury over the separation of undocumented parents and children. He said he had been swayed by images of children who have been taken from parents while they are jailed and prosecuted for illegal border-crossing.

Ho… and by the way. We are frequently separating parents and children when the parents break the law, and illegally crossing a countries borders is a crime. Yes, it is hard on the children and presumably the parents too, but that is the effect of crime.

Interestingly, many of the parents of the children being brought across the boards are not… well, not the parents. there is often NO genetic relationship.

For more on this story see Mark Dice’s coverage below.

To understand more about the challenge of immigration see Gum-Ball Immigration.

Innocent victims or Militants?

While you might be lead to believe that Israel is enjoying an opportunity to have a go at killing a few more innocent civilians Hamas official Salah Bardawil is claiming that 50 or the 62 Palestinians kill yesterday where members of the terrorist organisation Hamas.

“In the last rounds of confrontations, if 62 people were martyred, Fifty of the martyrs were Hamas and 12 from the people. How can Hamas reap the fruits if it pays such an expensive price?” said Hamas official Salah Bardawil in an interview with the Palestinian Baladna news outlet.

If you listen to much of the mainstream media, the Palestinians that Israel killed over the last day or so, were at home drinking tea and reading stories to their children. But many of them were at best firing rocks towards the IDF, using slingshots. Remember what they did to Goliath.

By the way, what is the man in the background doing? I have put a red circle around it?

The BBC is asking questions like “Did Israel use excessive force at Gaza protests?”

But I have not yet seen any UK media asking why Hamas has a great number of terrorist within what is being claimed os a spontaneous protest.

Hamas official: 50 of the 62 Gazans killed in border violence were our members.

What if – False Flags and World War III

I have little evidence for what I am about to share, though much of it I have been aware of from multiple sources and for many years.

Let me just set out what I think we might have just seen in Salisbury. Did we witness the perpetration of a false flag to turn British citizens and Europeans even more against Russia and to take us one step closer to war with, what should be our Christian brothers?

I took this picture today of a BBC correspondent outside No. 10 and he just looked like he was eagerly awaiting the announcement of war!

Follow the money

OK, there is no money that we can see in this crime, but let me rephrase that expression, “follow the money” to “who benefits?” In any crime, one of the key questions to ask is who benefits?

So, who benefits from this attempted murder or assassination? Not Vladimir Putin! All he has got out of this event is a whole plate load of grief. It appears to me that only a compleat idiot would use a weapon that we are being told can only be traced straight back to Russia and indirectly to yourself, and Putin is no idiot. Surely Putin would have used a non-traceable weapon.

So who benefits? Those who are wanting to make Putin out to be the big bad bogeyman.

Quite who that is, is not very easy to tie down, but there appears to be a movement to take out Russia.

Why do they hate Russia?

I cannot fully set out all I know here and I am still trying to get some of this tied down in my mind still. Unfortunately, much of my research is done by listening not reading and listening while I cannot make notes or look at maps etc. Let me just outline some of the recent history of this conflict.

  • Many nations, but especially the US and Israel have had their eyes on Syria.
  • The USA through the CIA with the help of Turkey and Israel and a few more have armed, paid and trained mercenary groups like ISIS and others to attack Syria.
  • Many thousands of Christians have been killed, enslaved or displaced during this time, and by these groups.
  • America has invaded parts of Syria and has against international law set up military bases from which it funds, trains and then pretends to attack these Islamic fundamentalist mercenaries.
  • The head of the Russian Orthodox church sought Putin to intervene to save the orthodox Christians that where being slaughtered.
  • Putin, with the permission of the Syrian government, entered Syria and has in large part been successful in eradicating the Islamic mercenaries.
  • The US and Israel along with others put together an invasion plan, with a 300,000 man army and with air coverage from France as well as the USA. Even while the French planes where on the runway with their bombs already loaded, Putin told Obama that he would regret it if this innovation went ahead.
  • Obama backed down.


  • Humiliated, the West opened up another front against Russia.  The US interfered with an election in Ukraine and putting in a hostile government to Russia right on its border.
  • The short version is that Crimea ended up voting to return to Russia, but it was sold to us, that Putin invaded Crimea and annexed Crimea.
  • False chemical attaches where staged in Syria so that Russia could be blamed for supporting an evil empire.
  • Russia is evil in Crimea and evil in Syria, Savear sanctions are biting into the Russian economy, but still, the West can not provoke Putin into taking an action that would justify the west from attacking Russia.


Enter Salisbury. Have we seen a false flag attack in Britain so that we can either

  • Again try to make Putin look bad and increase sanctions against Russia, trying to provoke Putin into an action that would justify an attack against Him.
  • Or so that we can invoke article 5 of the Nato treaty and say that Russia has attacked us a Nato member and therefore ALL Nato members must come to our aid and attack Russia?

I hope and pray that we will not see an escalation of this week’s events up to World War Three, but we are seriously close and I would be remiss if I did not let you know of the possibility that this is what we are seeing going on.

I must also ask you, “Are you ready, should it happen, ready to meet God?”

If you do not know yourself ready to meet Him as our saviour, contact me and ask for a copy of Finding God’s Way.

Update from Christian Voice

“Novichok, meaning ‘newcomer’, was developed in Russia in the 1970s. It was manufactured at a plant in Uzbekistan. So there is a definite ‘Kremlin link’. But the Metro tells us US experts arrived post-Soviet era in 1999 ‘to dismantle and decontaminate the facility’ in Uzbekistan.

The US experts must have left after documenting everything they found. They must know by now how to make Novichok. According to RT, a Russian chemist named Vil Mirzayanov published the formula for Novichok in his book. He now lives in the US. And it would stretch credulity to suppose the clever boys and girls at Porton Down can’t make this nerve agent as well. However, if they can, we can be certain the Home Secretary will not tell us.”

A lack of nuance in the media coverage of Putin and Xi | The Knife Media

In the light of recent reporting on Russia, this article from The Knife is very interesting to see just how biased much of the media’s reporting is.

The coverage of Russia was more distorted than that of China. AP’s article on Xi received a total 51 percent integrity rating, compared to 23 percent for its Russia article. Deutsche Welle earned integrity ratings of 48 and 41 percent, respectively. Why did the Russia stories rate lower? That’s due, in part, to the added opinion.

For instance, the outlet referred to Russia as a “basket case” in its headline. Before you take in the rest of the article, your perception may be already tainted by sensationalism. Here’s another example from AP that contains opinion. […]

Source: A lack of nuance in the media coverage of Putin and Xi | The Knife Media