An Open Letter to Lisa Raitt” on the Climate Mob Effect

What happens to society when people who are presenting facts are bullied into silence? Canadian MP Lisa Raitt retweeted a Financial Post article written by Dr. Ross McKitrick. The article talked about what happens to people – like Roger Pielke, Jr. – who present climate facts that are counter to popular beliefs. They are usually attacked by the ‘climate mob’ and bullied into silence. That’s exactly what then happened to Lisa Raitt for her retweet!

Dr. MckItrick then wrote Lisa an open letter, citing numerous climate facts that dispute popular beliefs of many parliamentarians and the public. It was such a great letter, our Communications Manager thought it was worth a public reading. The letter is full of wisdom, including an anecdote about one of McKitrick’s friends who lived in the former Soviet Union. That friend pointed out that people silenced themselves under the repressive regime.

The take-away? Silence makes us victims, so speak up with your views on climate. Have courage and demand open, civil debate on these important issues.

TRPR 74 – The Natural Family

This is a Red Pill Report Special interview with BJ and Kevin from Natural Family Foundation.

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The Red Pill Report episode 74.

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Interview with BJ and Kevin from Natural Family Foundations.

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