Take one street scene.

Remove ethnically inappropriate police.

Assemble large film crew, director, sound lighting etc.

Arrange flower.

Direct the grieving crowd.

And you end up with Becky Anderson an Abu Dhabi-based CNN news anchor presenting from the streets of London, appearing to show you “a wonderful scene”, that they have found on the street. No mention of the fact that it is all staged.

I would not go as far as some are, and claim that this is an entirely staged event with acrots and glued-on beards, but nor it is a spontaneous event. If you watch the top video clip and then the one just above this paragraph, you can see how many apparent news events are…arranged if not staged.

By the way… it is not exactly a reassuring crowd when you think that there are according to the police something like 23,000 jihadists on our streets. Do we have 8 or is it 9 Muslims protesting against the London attacks?