Mobile World Congress 2017

The coming Global Brain!

What your media have NOT told you about Mobile World Congress 2017.

Just take the BBC for example. This evening their home page’s main news was, “Republicans baulk at Trump’s budget plan.” Big news for the UK? Probably not. If you go to the tech section of the BBC website the main news is, “Amazon fault knocks websites offline.” Perhaps slightly more important if you have been struggling with connecting with Quora, a Q&A forum, or Trello, the productivity app. But not world changing.

So let us head right down to the Mobile World Congress news. What was that about? 5G and just that is is faster and 4G and that it can handle a lot of data from you smart car or smart home. Others are talking about new phones or virtual reality and even the internet of things, Being able to control your lights, cooker heating from anywhere in the world, etc.

However, this is not the guts of what was being discussed at the Mobile World Congress this year.

Main Themes

My friend who is at the Mobile World Congress 2017 reports that the main themes of the congress are: Artificial intelligence, the Global Brain, Smart Cities, Ubiquitous Connectivity, and United Nations Agenda 2030.

You have not heard much about that on the BBC, have you?

The Global Agenda

Mats Granryd is the director general of GSMA, (GSMA is the trade body that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Approximately 800 mobile operators are full GSMA members, and a further 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem are associate members). In his opening remarks, Mats Granryd said that, and I am paraphrasing, this is from a verbal report, I was not there, but he said something like this, ‘The GSMA market is the first market segment in the world that is fully committed to implementing the UN Agenda 2030 and their sustainable development goals.’

Apparently, the UN’s Agenda 2030 is woven through everything that is being discussed at the Mobile World Congress this year.

At this conference, people have been talking about a global nervous system, artificial intelligence. My friend went to this event to get up to speed on what is happening in the mobile world so his ministry can make sure they are broadcasting in the best medium for today’s listeners. But what he got was a wake-up call from God. Top technologists are talking about a Global Brain, and not in the abstract, but coming soon. Practically every session was to one extent or another talking about or contributing to the discussion on the idea of a global brain.

It appears to be that the mobile industry is going to be the backbone of the global brain or universal intelligence that is being built at this very moment.


The world is rapidly moving towards 5G, and it is anticipated that this will start around 2020. When you see 5G rolling out that is a good sign that the global brain is also being put into place.  5G is not just a bonus to your connectivity, but an essential part of this worldwide intelligence.

GSMA are committed to the UN agenda 2030, and this may give us a clue re the timing in this area. It appears that effectively the entire infrastructure if the mobile phone system is going to be replaced over the next decade or so. A compleat rebuild of the planets communications infrastructure, and Mobile being at the centre. The intention is to bring about ubiquitous connectivity. It may sound good to be always ‘connected’, but it will, in effect, end up putting us into an open prison. There will be nowhere, at least not in the western world, where you will not be on their radar.

An inescapable intelligent network

The suggestion is that everything, everything will be connected, will be smart. The statement was made, “Your shoes will be more intelligent that you are!”

Much, if not most of this connectivity will be through low orbiting satellites, therefore, even when you think that you will be, away from this connectivity if you can just get to… you will still be under these satellites.

It was also put forward that there will be a very a great many drones flying automate all over the place.

César Alierta, Chief Executive ofTelefónica of Spain apparently talked about putting a brain in the network. He went on, (remembered quite not word for word), “Where the telephone started was fixed voice, then it progressed to mobile voice, and then it progressed to data gigabytes, the next evolution is cognitive intelligence.”

Telefónica already has a brain that can talk, listen and think. They call it AURA.

Read Hastings the founder of Netflix, was asked where do you see us x number of years from now? His reply was, “We may be entertaining artificial intelligence.”

Softbank Chairman Masayoshi Son, spoke about the idea of the singularity that is that computer brains will surpass human brains. He gave the figures that the average person has an IQ of 100, but computer chip on an artificial brain will have an IQ of 10,000. Mr Son anticipates that computers will surpass the human brain in 2018.

What is being proposed, appears to be a global feudal system, enforced by technology, run by a small number of very wealthy technocrats.

The fourth industrial revolution.

They see the need to remake society. A new society is needed in which few humans will be needed because robots will be able to fulfil most tasks.

A common phrase that was used to this is the fourth industrial revolution.

Your place in this network will be authenticated by universal biometric scanning, not only of your eye and fingers but of the way you walk, the blood vessels in your face and more. If you are not prepared to participate in this new world, if you are not biometrically embedded into this system, you will not be able to even open the door of a car, or you house.

All this and more coming to a mobile phone and a cell tower near you in the next few years or dacades.

Much of this reporting comes from the news network TruNews.

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