Lewis Hamilton

Have courage Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton, my plea to you is that you take a moment and consider what you have been forced into and whether you are really prepared to bow to the pressure that says, “If you believe that a Boy should not dress up in girls clothes, you are a bigot!”

In a video posted by Lewis Hamilton, he tells his 5.7 million Instagram followers: “I’m so sad right now. Look at my nephew.” The camera then moves to a young boy wearing a blue and pink princess dress and waving around a pink heart-shaped furry wand. Hamilton asks the nephew: “Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is this what you got for Christmas?” When his nephew says yes, Hamilton replies: “Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?” He then shouts at the boy: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

Hamilton has been forced, shamed into posting a series of apologetic tweets.




Lewis, Do you really, “support of anyone living their life exactly how they wish?”

Was it really a “lapse in judgement?”

Your first reaction was right instinctively. Boys do not wear princess dresses… or rather they should not. Now the nephew is very young and a child of his age is not going to come to any harm by wearing a princess dress or another for of playing dress up. But asking for a dress and being given one by your parents is, in my personal opinion not right.

Your first comment was not hateful nor nasty but could have re-affirmed him in the right way for a boy to dress.

Your bigger laps of judgment probably is, to post your every thought, straight out to social media were the trolls and hatter will chew you up and destroy anything that is not pro-liberal, pro-LGBTPPQ…

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  1. what’s this ???? a boy can not be a princess…but he CAN be a prince !
    He gets a cloak (bath towel) and helm (spaghetti strainer)and most importantly :
    a sword to protect princesses from dragons and such….just be sure to instruct
    him in safe swordsmanship before moving on to other manly arts like bowman-ship.
    If he should insist on a magic wand …he could perhaps be a wizard.
    Never say no to imagination.

    • Not quite sure what you are getting at here. It is that as a Prince he would be being encouraged to be ready to fight and defend his family or country? We I for one am very glad for those in the past two world wars who fought to maintain my freedom. And yes, as a man I think he should be ready and trained to protect his family. Not very keen on the idea of him practising to be a Wizard, as the Bible clearly speaks against such practices. As for safe swordsmanship, for sure, if people are learning any form of defence they need to learn to do it in a safe way.

      • right you are ,sir…i had second thoughts on the wizardry but decided to leave it because of the iconic popularity (Disney,Harry Potter,Lord of the Rings , Star Wars ,etc) but the primary thought is to resist the gender confusion being perpetuated .
        We home-schooled three boys for 20 years ….and raising children in todays PC/cultural Marxist environment isn’t becoming any less of a challenge. Blessings to you and yours in the coming year.

      • Thanks Dan,

        I was not sure if you were for my post or against it, but thanks for your approval. Bless you, for your commitment to raising your children. Yes, it is heard… We know about homosexuality etc as children, but the culture was so far from the mess that it is today.

        Great to hear from you. How did you come across The Red Pill Report?

      • I’m a regular at Hagmann & Hagmann ….I found your interview to be delightful.
        I’m looking forward to further articles and you can be sure I’ll have a look at some of your archives when time permits.

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