WARNING: Strong language in bits!

While Tommy Robinson was on Holiday with his family in Tenerife trying to recover from his mistreatment in a British prison, he was followed by a Daily Mail journalist who was part of a team sent by the Daily Mail to follow him. Part of this team was taking pictures of Tommy with his family, including his children. Remember too that Tommy only has a few weeks before he may be back in prison, this could lead to his death at the hands of a Muslim gang or his compleat mental collapse if he is again subjected to prolonged solitary confinement.

Tommy decided to confront this so-called journalist and ask him exactly what made him ‘far right’, as always he couldn’t answer any of Tommy’s questions and just kept lying straight to his face, and for that matter to us! Well, that is how Tommy puts it… at the very least the journalist is evasive and is incapable of justifying the position of his newspaper or of the claims they make about Tommy.

Do a proper job.

Come on, mainstream media, (MSM), do your job and conduct fair two way interviews with Tommy, or stop hiding behind your, “I’m not a high profile person” and speak honestly about Tommy and those on the right.

We also should look at the right and wrong of journalists following Tommy on holiday. We should not condone this treatment of an MP or a MSM journalist? We should not condone this treatment of a man who is just out of solitary confinement, and who has needed medical treatment.

MSM… not fit for purpose.

No wonder, people in this country are losing faith in the MSM and increasingly looking to alternative sources of news.

While I am sure that we, The Red Pill Report, do not agree with all of Tommy’s view or statements, or actions. We do believe that he is being treated very badly by the British government judiciary and MSM.