From Mrk Dice on YouTube.

Cable News Crazies Completely Unhinged.

They are completely unhinged. Most of what they are daying in these “news” reports are projection, (It is not based on what or who Trump is, there is no evidence for this, this is what they want him to be).

Thousand years rike – No Trump has a one or two team presidency. Who has a multi-year plan desire to lead America? The Clinton dynasties, the Bush dynasties, the Obama dynasties?

The “economy doing ok” is reality… “We have a white nationalist president” is in your head.

Black v white – You see the opposite from Trump.


But the US mainstream Media is pumping this out 20 hours a day… well except when interrupted by a major forest fire… ho even then they slam him for tweeting the same things that many government reports say about poor forest management.