Donald Trump cancels February visit to UK.

There seems to be a big surprise in the UK media that Donald Trump has decided not to make an official visit to us this February.

According to Trumps own Twitter account, the reason that he is not coming is that he is not very interested in cutting the ribbon on the new US embassy in London, and who can blame him. It does look like the news London embassy is just one more of the bad moves that Obama has made and Trump does not want to be associated with it.


But can the media really be surprised that President Trump does not want to come to a country where the media, particularly news and comedy have portrayed him as a… well just above an evil monster at best.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the mainstream media have all played their part in whipping up anti-Trump hatred, and the members of the public who are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, all need to face the fact that they are quite possibly a bigger threat to the UK’s economic future than Brexit or (or now), immigration etc.

There are plenty of countries including European countries where Trump has been accorded a bigger welcome and more official respect than he is likely to get in the UK, who can blame him for thinking, just maybe I will give visiting the UK a miss.

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    • Hi Sativa Girl,

      I am not sure I understand your comments. The actual facts show that America is more prosperous under Trump than it has been for some time. Have a listen to The Red Pill Report for this week from 7:20 on for a few seconds. Reality is that Trump is doing rather well for America.

      Let me know if you disagree or if I have misunderstood you.


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