The EU not the UK is blocking citizens rights.

Yesterday, the Telegraph reported that it was the EU, not the UK, that has been blocking citizens rights.

Revealed: How EU has been secretly plotting to block Theresa May over EU migrants for weeks

They report that “The EU has been plotting for weeks to thwart Theresa May’s plans to secure a deal for British expats in Europe and migrants in the UK.”

Allegedly documents seen by the Telegraph disclose that Mrs May made exactly the same demand to Donald Tusk, the European Council president, at a meeting three weeks earlier. The EU had privately decided to block any deal, leaked documents show, but did not want to reveal such a move publicly.

For weeks, we have endured a barrage of people crying out against the UK government, calling for the rights of the UK and European migrant rights to be safeguarded, Yet all along it has beenBrusselss that has been blocking this move.

Will we now hear a rush to apologise to Theresa May and her government… not likely! No, they will just move on quietly not daring to speak out against the EU, not daring to call then out for their bullying stans on Brexit. Not they will move n to find some other fault with Britan, something else to bring us down.

EU Bullies.

Jean-Claude Juncker and his bullying buddies in the EU need someone to stand up to them.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the EU intend to make Brexit as painful as possible, and are (unless stopped) going to do all they can to break the UK. From exorbitant cash demands to restrictions on our right to negotiate with the rest or the world.

Unless you stand up them, bullies continue to bully and will do the same not only to us but any other nation that might want its freedom.  We must, stand up to the bullies and say enough is enough.

Britain should not have to doff the cap to Brussels and say “yes sir,” and “no sir,” If they do not like us leaving…. tuff. We should not kowtow, and must not give in.

If they are going to demand a separation payment, then we should put the one twenty-seventh share of the assets of the EU that we own up on eBay for sale, and pay them out or the proceeds.


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