Femme Feral – Feminist Fight Club?

I covered Femme Farel on this week’s podcast, but I felt that you really needed to see a little of this group to see just how out of their tree this group look, and to talk a little more about just what we can learn from them. (See bottom of this article).

Femme Feral, claim to be a queer feminist fight club where women and ‘femme-identifying’ people channel their rage through body-slams and dropkicks. But when you hear them talking and watch their actions on the videos of their meets… they are not in my mind feminist or a fight club.

“We want to destroy the Conservative government. We want to bring down the patriarchy.”

They are not, in my mind, pro-women or women’s rights but pro a left-wing communist agenda. They talk about wanting to “destroy the Conservative government.” The Conservative government has had two female prime ministers, how many has the Labour party or the Liberal party had? At the end of one of Femme Feral’s videos, you can hear them chanting “F@@k you Theresa May,” repeatedly followed by a cry of “Die!”

They talk about wanting a “Communist Revolution” I have not seen many women leading a communist revolution either. Anarchist, Communist, mad bonkers, Conservative haters, is a better description.

Femme Feral event programme

Their events include screaming, fighting in “sexy” underwear, Spanking and a “Death Match” more fighting?

One of their posts from 16th October 2017 advertising an event, reads: “Your favourite feminist terrorists FEMME FERAL bring you a night of extremist political explosions in order to inspire you and all your friends to blow up the government. We start the fire with A *MASSIVE* THERESAMAYSMACKDOWN, then dancing and plotting and performances and some more plotting then hopefully FULL FEMINIST LUXURY COMMUNIST REVOLUTION at the end.”

Do they matter?

Well not really, they are, at the moment, small and appear to be just being silly. But there are a few things that we might want to take note of…

  • Femme Feral fight.

    They could inspire someone to attack Theresa May or other members of the government.

  • This is a sign of the growing degeneration of our society. Just a few years ago, this would have been done as an underground group. Today they are proud and out in the open.
  • We see that even here in the UK, the left are becoming more and more filled with hate. If you or I were to talk honestly about transgender issues in a civil, peaceful manner and out of love for those who are hurting or being hurt, we would risk being called a hate group. The left shout abuse and call for the destruction of our government and call die about our prime minister and they are a civil right group or just having fun.
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