This is our first attempt at live blogging… forgive us if it goes wrong.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20179:39 pm

It looks like this Election is over. The results look like they are solid. If problems arrise I will get back to you on a fresh post.

Good night and god bless.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20179:17 pm

Some results now in and it is confirming the Macron win.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20179:12 pm

The future looks like it belongs to Marine Le Pen not Macron.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:59 pm

Not one result in yet.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:54 pm

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:51 pm

Macron speaking at the Louvre.

Main themes.

Thanks, Thanks for fighting with me, you have won, France has won.

I now have you trust invested in me and I must live up to that trust.

I will be faithful to the commitments I have made.

Today Europe and the world are looking at France. And looking for us to defend freedom and the oppressed, a new hope in humanism. To defend ecology.

Big task ahead of us.

We all have a role to play to see that everyone in France is free.

Big job ahead of us.

We have a majority for change.

We will not give in to fear or division or lies.

It will not be easy – the task will be heard and I will tell you the truth every time.

I will protect you.

I will respect every man in what they believe.

I will serve you with love.

Long life the republic, long live France.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:38 pm

As Macron arrives at the Louvre, the tune Ode to Joy is being played. Ode to Joy is the EU anthem. We can see sho’s man he is. IT is not La Marseillaise is the french national anthem, but the UE’s.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:35 pm

Macron’s first trip is expected to be to Berlin. We can see that Angela Merkel is going to have a very big influence in France. German could not take and rule France by force but are doing so by politics.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:27 pm

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:27 pm

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20178:26 pm

As we said earlier, Nigel Farage is pridicting a win for Marine Le Pen… but not until 2022. He should know, he brought the UK or Brexit.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20177:11 pm

Macron is speaking claiming to be the president for all the french.

Pledging to defend France and Europe and to ensure that all are free. And is committing to fight global warming and terrorism.

Responsibility to bring together all men, (people).

I will serve France on your behalf.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20177:03 pm

BBC – Donald Tusk, head of the European Council, has tweeted that Mr Macron’s win is a victory for liberty, equality and fraternity over the “tyranny of ‘fake news'”.

Me – or is it a win for the powerful and influential in politics and in big business, big banking, and big autocracy? The media vs the independent?

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:43 pm

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:41 pm

Should we be asking for an enquiry into the foreign government who have been trying to influence the French Elections… LOL

Obama backs Macron in last-minute intervention in French election.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:34 pm

BBC – Outgoing PM: Voters rejected Le Pen’s ‘dismal project’

Outgoing Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has put out a statement, saying “voters have today rejected the extreme right’s dismal project, and shown their unmovable commitment to the values of the Republic”.
Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:31 pm

There is some suggestion that, although Marcon may have won the vote, his is VERY likely to struggle to rule.

Many of the people who voted for him, actually voted against Marine Le Pen, not for Macron.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:28 pm

What does this mean for the UK and Brexit?

Probably this will relieve some of the pressure that the EU officials have been feeling to make any Brexit deal a crushing affair. Has it looked like Marine Le Pen was possibly going to lead France to frexit, they might have wanted to utterly crush the UK. As it is, France has, (for the time), voted to stay with the EU, and the pressure to crush the UK is now somewhat relieved.

This could be good for the UK and our hopes of a good Brexit deal.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:18 pm

We must remember that NO results are in yet. Only predictions.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:15 pm

Marine Le Pen is at this very moment, congratulating Macron and speaking to the French people. She is saying that she will continue to fight for the good of the country.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:12 pm

It looks like France has voted for the EU, and for Globalism and the Rothschild banking types to continue to run the country. This is the result that Nigel Farage predicted. However, he reckoned that she would win the next election.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:06 pm

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:05 pm

We will have to see just how accurate this prediction is… Clinton was supposed to win the US presidential ellections… but someone Trumped her.

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20176:01 pm

Emmanuel Macron is prejected to win 65.5 to 34.5

Andrew Drapper May 7, 20175:53 pm

Polls should be closing soon, and we are expecting the first predictions of the results very soon after the polls close.