Has the Brexit White paper delivered Brexit?

Has the Brexit White paper delivered Brexit?

This has to be broken down.

1st. The question asked of the British electorate.

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union.

The best way too interpret that is, to have left the European Union, we would have to be treating the European Union (nation-states in Europe) equally to the rest of the world. We would not be able to show discrimination to the rest of the world or give advantages to the European Union. They would not be able to be seen to have preferential treatment over any other country or organisation.


To truly have left a club, you would no longer gain any member benefits. If you still have benefits, you have not left that club. You are a member. (member benefits is an expression, not necessarily stating that the member benefit is a positive, good benefit to the UK).

2nd. What about Theresa Mays EU withdrawal white paper?

From this paper, we can see that what Theresa May is setting out to do is keep us a member.

What am I basing this on? I am basing that statement on my test. What is my test?

Are we treating the European Union (European nation states) as we are the rest of the world?


Are we treating the rest of the world in a reciprocal fair way to that we are treating the European Union?

The tests.

Movement of people.

Rest of the world = visas, border controls and checks.

EU = Mobility framework package.

Result = Brexit not delivered.


Rest of the world = UK is totally independent of other courts.

EU = a framework for conflict resolution and UK courts paying due regard to European Court rulings.

Result = Brexit not delivered.


Rest of world = Customs and border controls.

EU = Free trade area. Customs territory.
Collecting tariffs for the EU.

Result = Brexit not delivered.


Rest of world = We are an independent soverign nation.

EU = Rulebook. Harmonisation. Consequences.

Result = Brexit not delivered.


Rest of world = Foreign aid budget?????

EU = Specific money for things????

Result = Not defined. The British are losing money not matter what. But still not worded the same. So overall. Brexit not delivered.

Ability to trade globally.

Due to EU harmonisation and the EU rulebook, we will not be able to have a flexible industrial, manufacturing sector able to adapt independently and with fluidity to meet global demand and requirements. Because 80% of the UK business sector will be locked into the EU.

Result Brexit fail!

Overall it is clear and defined that what was on the ballot paper has not been delivered.

Brexit in the current form is not happening.

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