Why I am not putting The Red Pill Report on YouTube.

YouTube appears to be banning, suspending and plane just disappearing more and more people, accounts and content. Jerome Corsi has 33,025 subscribers… All content now gone.


It appears to be… I was going to say mostly right wing and conservative views that are being suspended, but it probably goes even further, non-left-wing, non-progressive would probably a be better description.

Lots of people are saying, “the purge has begun!” The truth is that there has been a great deal of censorship for a long time now, but it appears to be deepening. YouTube is apparently using as trusted partners in its judgment on videos that break its “community guidelines,” organisations like, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Southern Poverty Law Center claims to monitors hate groups and other extremists throughout the U.S. and exposes their activities to law enforcement agencies, the media and the public, and that they teaching tolerance.

The truth is more like, the Southern Poverty Law Center is completely intolerant of any view that is not far left and “progressive” and anti-Christian.

A great many of the “Strikes” that YouTubes monitors put on videos and organisation are overturned on appeal, but for many many videos, this is too late and the opportunity to lead the news and gain views and spread the truth about a topic is over by the time the review is compleat.

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