Why is Israel attacking Syria?

I noticed this in the news the other day and just did not know what to make of it. I always want to think the best of Israel and think of them as the ‘good guys’ in any argument.

But what I read did not seem right. I was excited that Israel’s missile defence systems were so effective, But I could not understand the story.

The BBC was reporting that…

Israel has shot down a Syrian missile using its most advanced anti-missile system for the first time, Israeli media say.

A surface-to-air missile (SAM) was intercepted using the Arrow system, designed to stop long-range ballistic missiles, reports say.

The SAMs were fired at Israeli jets which had just raided sites in Syria.

Debris from the intercepted SAM came down in Jordan. Two other SAMs are said to have landed in Israel.

In a rare admission, the Israeli military said its aircraft had attacked several targets in Syria before Syria launched the missiles.

Arrow anti-ballistic missile launch.

I wanted to write an article that said, ‘Hurray, Israel is safe from missile attack,” but something did not feel right.

Syria, with help from Russia, is locked in a war with militant jihadists, (ISIS and other related violent jihadist groups), who have massacred many thousands of Christians, and moderate Muslims in the areas that it controls.

Syria, along with Russia, is now succeeding in what the USA said it was going to do, but never did. They are taking out these violent Islamists.

It groups that Siria and Russia are fighting against, are no friends of the Jews, or of Israel. Or at least not as we would normally see things.

So why is Israel attacking Siria?

The Syria-Israel border has been Israel’s most peaceful frontier since 1973.

There is no evidence, or reporting that the Syrian government is in any way planning an attack on Israel. Quite frankly, the Syrian government has quite enough war on its hands as it is.

Syria, by all accounts a peaceful, or at least the most peaceful neighbour that Israel has, has been involved in fighting off violent jihadists for many years, jihadists that would gladly overrun Israel if they could.

So why is Israel attacking Syria, and act, that can only help the jihadists? Isis and the other jihadists that are fighting with them are all but beaten by Syria and Russia. Why is Israel coming to their aid?

The BBC is suggesting that Israel is striking at arms shipments going from the Syrians to Hezbollah.

Palmyra location to Israel.But Israel was apparently attacking a Syrian “military target” near Palmyra.

Now Palmyra is not exactly an obvious place to be smuggling missiles to Hezbollah from. To start with it is around 200 kilometres from the nearest part of Isreal.

Now this is a bit of speculation on my behalf, but I am tempted to ask are we looking at another attempt to try to get Russia to strike at a NATO member? Israel being a member of NATO, thus enabling the elite who profit from war to get going the war that they have been trying to start with Russia for years now.

Apparently, there is some communication between Israel and Russia to prevent such attacks from escalating into a NATO-Russia conflict. This takes the form of “a sort of a hotline between Israel and Russia where a Russian-speaking Israeli Air Force officer and a Russian officer in Syria are co-ordinating and making sure that you don’t have any mishaps.”

So… I do not know why, but I find it very puzzling that Israel is attacking a sovereign country that is not attacking it, and that is fighting radical jihadist, that you would have thought was in the interests of Israel.

It has also been reported in the past that Israel has been running hospital-type facilities on the Syrian border to help ISIS fighters who have been injured in the battle with Syria. All very confusing.

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  1. On the surface if it, this may seem puzzling BUT there is probably more to it than meets the eye. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Mossad had intelligence that something was afoot and needed to be snuffed out before it became a threat to Israel’s security.

    I wouldn’t suggest that the Mossad always get things right, but they are the past masters at gathering intelligence and dealing with Israel’s enemies.

    • I hope you are right.

      But even it Mossad had such information, to attach a neighbouring government’s military post is… worrying. What would people make of it if we attached France with jets because we had information that some of the migrants were planning ill for the UK.

  2. I don’t think there is any comparison, dear brother.

    Israel has been on a war footing since May 1948. All the cabinet ministers have been in the Army, even the women have to do stints of military service. The current PM was decorated for SAS-style activities behind enemy lines, and his brother was killed at Entebbe rescuing Jews from terrrorists.

    The UK has a terrorist problem but no-where near what Israel has to face, on a daily basis. I don’t always agree with the Israelis but tend to give them the benefit of any doubt.



    • You are probably right. It just concerns me to hear that they are attaching a neighbouring government, while that government is struggling against extremist Islamic armies.

      Thanks for your comments. Do keep on top of me and my posts.

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