Mixed Emotions!

What Drapper, you are manically pro-Brexit, how can you have mixed emotions?

Surely you are not having regrets now it is too late?

Tim Barrow delivers Theresa May’s Brexit letter to Donald Tusk (Yves Herman/Pool Photo via AP)

No, I am delighted with the fact that we have now triggered article 50.

I could not be happier that we are getting out of this Union, and the “ever closer union” that the EU has become.

I am glad that we will be able to make our own laws and live by our nation’s morals and ideas, standards etc. I am glad that, (and I still have some fears this may still come about), but I am glad that we should now not be part of the European Army and that Germany will not be seeking to get their hands on out Nuclear weapons.

What I am sad about it that is was necessary. The idea that after two world wars, Europe might say let’s be friends and instead of fighting, let’s trade, and co-operate, is a great idea. But that never was the intention of the founders of the EU, it was just the pack of lies that they used to entice nations into the trap.

It is sad that even after the recent world wars, people were still intent on world domination and getting control over other nations.

I am sad that so many people are being hurt by Brexit. Not hurt economically or in terms of employment or housing or… but hurt emotionally. And so much of this because of project fear that the ‘remain campaign’ is STILL playing.

It is time to get togeather and find a productive and positive future for the UK.

I am sorry that so many leaders in Europe are being, and are planning on being even more vindictive. All the anger and hate that the EU leaders show towards us, in my opinion, only goes to show that we are right to not want to be yoked to them. Trade with them, yes. Be in partnership or covenant with them… NO!

More on this in this weekend’s podcast.

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