Sadiq Khan Tweet

Muslims matter, Jews don’t count!

Sadiq Khan apparently told senior diplomats that the international community must show “moral leadership” by speaking out against Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The Lord Mayor of London apparently urged global leaders to condemn the US President’s “cruel, prejudiced and counterproductive” policy as he hosted the largest ever gathering of ambassadors and dignitaries at City Hall.

More than 100 countries were be represented, including five of the seven covered by the ban – Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen and Libya – but not Somalia or Syria.

However, eleven of the countries represented do not allow Jewish Israelis into their countries at all, but there is no record of him calling publicly for the international community to show “moral leadership” by speaking out against these countries bans on Jewish free travel.

It appears that Sadiq Khan is of the opinion that Muslims must have no restrictions on them, but Jews can be mistreated with impunity. Is it that he is a hypocrite or is he just a publicity seeking “popularist.” Ho, I do not think he would rant to be called a populatist, that is one of Trump’s sins.

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