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In some ways, this is a subject that we should be looking at on the Bible Matters website. Sertanly in teams of the theological reasons for home schooling, or home education as we prefer to think of it. However, I will at times bring up news items that should give you to seriously to seek the Lord as to whether you can still leave your children in a state school.

The Government intends to introduce a new statutory subject of ‘Relationships Education’ to all primary schools in England.

This new subject may well impose some level of sex education on children as young as four. Parents will have no right to withdraw their children from this teaching.

The Government is claiming that “intimate relationships” would still only be covered at secondary level, but the legislation is alarmingly wide in scope, and we regularly see legislation being used to promote a liberal agenda.

According to the Christian Institute, the Government says the new subject is likely to focus on “respect” and “tolerance” for “different types of relationships”. The terminology is so vague that this could include teaching on homosexual and bisexual relationships, as well as same-sex parenting and same-sex marriage. There is a real danger of confusing a right and appropriate respect for people with a wrong respect for all types of relationship.

It is my belief that our schools are becoming a danger to the morals of our children, and as parents, we should be taking up the responsibility to bring up our/God’s children.

We have home educated all our children, some through to University, if you want any help of advice on this matter, do please contact me.

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