People make mistakes… what is the big deal?

There are important elections in Europe today, millions facing death from famine, but the BIG news is that the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has had to back down on one of his budget items.

Now it may be significant, but does it really warrant top billing in the BBC headlines, or the Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell describing this withdrawal of a budget NI increase as, “chaos” and “shocking.”

Sometimes I wonder just what they would call someone trying to give women the right to kill their own babies? That is not shocking. That is just women’s rights.

McDonnell later went on to accuse the chancellor of “Blundering so disastrously.”

I am sorry I did not see the disaster. Was it the famine in Africa that came as a result of this political miscalculation?

Our MP’s are now so concerned with catching the headlines with a snappy soundbite that there is little real quality of debate.

I am by no means a Conservative, at least not one with a capital “C”. But it appears to me, that Hammons being a little more Logical and less of an empathiser. Felt that there was room within the, “no rise in tax and NI,” promise to get away with, what he felt was a fair correction of the NI levels. Having found out the most of the county felt that this was a breach of the Conservative ‘tax lock’. He has stepped back from this and will now have to find more borrowing or savings.

This is exactly what the opposition called for him to do.

This does not look like a disaster. Unless that is that the savings or extra borrowing creates a disaster, but then the Labour party would have been very much more of a disaster.

Could our MP’s and news media just get some perspective, please?

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