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Who is putting Trump and Charlottesville at the top of the news agenda?

I am sitting at work just having a coffee break and popped the news on… Trump and his comments on Charlottesville are still the top item on the BBC TV news.

There is much that we need to look at, and we might this week on the podcast, about Jason Kessler who is the apparent leader of the “White Supremacist group Unite the Right, and the fact that until very recently he was a DNC supporter and was very pro-Barak Obama and is now apparently a white supremacist? Many people as suspecting that the whole event was staged, not the car and the killing, but the drumming up of a rightwing riot. Why there an effective stand down by the police?

But leaving all of this aside. If it was a genuine right wing protest and even if there was intimidation or even violence. Why are we letting our news reports be spun to pin the blame for this on Trump, and why, with North Korea, Siria, The South China Sea and so many, many important world political events happening now, is a small protest in Charlottesville the lead in the news.

Again the news is being set for us by the left-wing liberal extremists, seeking to bring down the Trump administration.

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