Salisbury – Is there another posability?

I must admit that I do not have the time to listen/read the coverage of all the mainstream media, but so far I have not heard anyone raise a very obvious alternative that we should be considering.

Is someone trying to frame Russia?

Now, this may sound rather far-fetched, but if you look at the government story and the mainstream story about Russia over the last few years, it has been Russia is responsible for everything wrong, almost down to the recent bad weather.

Is it possible that what we are seeing is payback time for Russia going into Syria and dealing with ISIS, protecting the Christians and stopping the… hmm, ‘New World Order’s’ ambition to take over Syria?. There (They are?) standing up to Obama, and France and us here and saying, even as the French fighter planes were on the runway, “If you attack Syria you are attacking Russia”?


And another question that we really should be asking is “Why?” Not why did they poison Sergei Skripal, we can think of a number of reasons why including the fact that he was a spy working for us. So we are not so innocent in this matter. But, Why would Russia sign their name on the dead body by using a method of killing him that so easily could be used to implicate Russia? Surely there are many less obvious methods of killing someone.

Fusion GPS

You might also want to take note that Sergei Skripal apparently worked for Fusion GPS, the same people who created the fack Russian collusion dossier in the USA.

French chemical weapons

Ho and French chemical weapons, chemical weapons that can be traced back to having been made in France have recently been found in Syria, what action are we going to be taking against France… nothing of course.

It may well have been Russia that was responsible for this recent poisoning. But surely we should have a media that does not just swallow the government’s story and looks behind it for other explanations.

And by the way. Do we really believe that we, the UK government have never taken action both to kill, kidnap or interfere with the election etc of other counties? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

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