Secretary of State John Kerry

Regime change was Obama’s only objective in Syria

A recording of Secretary of State John Kerry talking with leaders of Syrian opposition groups shows Kerry’s approach to ISIS. The recording indicates Kerry’s administration believed that allowing the Islamic State to grow would serve the White House’s objective of regime change in Syrian, and the ousting of President Bashar Assad.

The recording was leaked to the New York Times and reported 30th September 2016, However the Conservative Tree House blog recently portions of Kerry’s statements that were overlooked at the time.

Regime change, Obama’s only objective.

Kerry suggests that Regime change was Obama’s only objective in Syria, and the Obama administration not only hoped ISIS would carry out the task, it gave arms to the jihadist army and its allies.

The recording is evidence that the State Department, underneath Hillary Clinton, engineered the clandestine transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria. These weapons ended up in reaching terrorist groups aligned with ISIS and al-Qaida.

It is somewhat hypercritical for Obama and much of the mass media in the USA to be complaining about Russia’s attempt to influence the US elections. Russia was only using alleged leaks and media campaigns, but America has been using guns, terrorists and the mass murder of particularly Christians,  to try to bring about regime change.

The audio is not great but can be heard here.