I think Britain Crossed a Rubicon.

I must write another article very soon with a very serious warning, but first I think we need to look at some side developments over the last few days.

American conservative and independent journalist Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend Austrian free speech advocate Martin Sellner of Génération Identitaire were detained and in London, by UK immigration. Their crime, wanting to interview Tommy Robinson, probably about the threat that he sees to the UK by mass Islamic immigration.

Then YouTuber and Activist Lauren Southern was also detained and then denied entry into the UK. Her crime… according to my MP she is an anti-Muslim activist, but what Kent police integrated her about was being a Christian Extremist. Now she is pretty outspoken at times, she did man a stall with posters saying that “Allah was a gay god”, but I think this was in response to Islamist killing homosexuals.

Christian extremist

I believe that the BIG step that the UK has taken this week is that being non-left, being anti-Islam and being a Christian, (Christian extremist, don’t know what that is), is now being pursued as a crime and people who hold those views are considered unacceptable in the UK. Effectively we are at, or moving towards, the implication of Islamic blasphemy laws.

We can add to this the fact that this week we gave a number of Mosques protected status in ‘celebration of British Muslim heritage.’ We embrace and celebrate Islam, a religion and political philosophy that is anti-democratic, anti-British law, stands firmly against freedom of religion etc. And we have moved to criminalise what is being called Christian extremists, but what will very soon be just Bible-believing Christians.

A step from under the hand of God’s protection

I think that what this means is that we have taken another step out from under the hand of God’s protection, which may lead into my next article re the threat of WW3

When we last faced the scale of trouble that we face today, God raised up Winston Churchill to save the Christian culture that we still held as a nation. That was Churchill’s own veiw. He believed that he was raised by God to save London and by implication the UK. But now we have rejected God and Christianity, or at least most of the population have. On top of this, much of the church has rejected God’s word the Bible.

We stand, as a nation, on very unsafe ground.

Dame Casey

Christians may be not allowed to teach in schools or hold public office!

As you may know, senior Government advisor, Dame Louise Casey, has said that schools should not be permitted to be “anti-gay marriage” and accuses “religious conservatives” of being “anti-equalities”.

If Dame Casey, architect of the oath to “British values,” has her way, all traditional Christians, and indeed anyone else who disagrees with same-sex marriage, will not be permitted to teach in schools or hold public office. This is because they are, or at least Dame Casey believes they are, opposed to the “British value” of “equality”.

This petition is gathering momentum. We must let Theresa May know that we will not stand for this kind of state intrusion into our family lives.

If you haven’t yet, please SIGN now.

If you’ve already signed it, make sure you SHARE it with your family and friends.

British Values Badge

British values could squeeze Christians out of public office.

The government wants to force all public officeholders to swear an equality oath.

Under these plans school governors, civil servants and councillors would have to take the oath to support “British Values”. British Values – so called – are clearly NOT Christian values.

It could also apply to people working in the NHS, candidates for parliament and who knows who else.

This scheme is a very dangerous idea which could result in Christians being unable to serve in vast areas of public life!

The equality agenda (or the way it is interpreted clearly targets Christians and stigmatises them. Numbers of Christians in the UK have already been hauled through the courts or lost their jobs through this ill-considered legislation.

The Equality Commission in Northern Ireland has pursued the Ashers Baking Company relentlessly. In just the same way we have seen how Ofsted has promoted same-sex marriage by using the “British Values” rules.

The idea for the new equality oath comes from Dame Louise Casey’s review into integration and extremism and has been backed by the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid.
Dame Louise Casey has protested against religious conservatism, saying that Roman Catholic Schools should not be allowed to oppose same-sex marriage.

There is a saying from G Orwell’s Animal Farm that “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

It does seem that in applying the rules (whatever they may be) various authorities are much more concerned about the rights of various pressure groups than those of Christians.

This smells to me of Liberal humanists, atheists and other groups with their own agenda making up their minds to target Christian groups and weaken or close down all genuine Christian witness in our nation. … See Dame Casey and R C Schools above … So … where do we go from here.

We should contact our MP and ask him/her to oppose plans to bring in the Equality Oath, and to stand for the right of Christians to serve in public office. Find your MP.

What next is on the liberal/humanist/atheist/pagan agenda – and why do they target Christians and not other religious people?

Watch this space!