TRPR 50 – Replacing Darwin.

Today Andrew talks with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, (PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University), about his idea that modern science should be thinking about replacing Darwin or rather Darwin’s ideas on evolution and origins.

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The Red Pill Report episode 50.

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Gum-Ball Immigration.

As promised here is the video that uses gum-balls to illustrate the mathematical impossibility of eliminating poverty by the use of immigration. In Fact, the way immigration actually harms the countries that we take immigrants from.

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

Interview with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson holds a PhD in cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University. He serves as a research biologist, author, and speaker with Answers in Genesis and formerly conducted research with the Institute for Creation Research.

Today Andrew talks with Nathaniel about his idea that modern science should be thinking about replacing Darwin.

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Facebook Page for Replacing Darwin.

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson on AiG website.

June 2018 tour.