The Church of England – now beyond doubt heretical!

The Church of England has this week released its Living in Love and Faith resources, addressing the issues of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage and how they all fit within the bigger picture of the gospel.

The Wilberforce Academy’s Ben John reacts to the official Living in Love and Faith trailer, questioning where all of this might lead the Church of England.

This is not just a few liberal churches within the Church of England, this is from the very top. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Welby, is standing right with this and is promoting the acceptance of biblical abhorrent relationships. Along with him is The Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell. The Archbishop of York is a senior bishop in the Church of England, and second only to the archbishop of Canterbury. The head and the… as it where deputy head of the Church of England are standing in support of this project. A project that appears to be not only condoning wrong ideas about marriage and sex but designed to move the thinking of the people in the pew toward accepting these lifestyles.

Now the Church of England is not the same as the church in England. But it is representative of the majority of ‘churchgoers’ and has a presence in almost every city, town and village in the land.

TRPR 7 – Compromise in the Church of England

In this week show, we have an interview with Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden, Former chaplain to the Her Majesty Queen of England, Theologian, Author, Journalist, Commentator. But we know him as our man in the Church of England. Andrew talks to him about the recent Church of England Synod and what does this Synod tell us about the direction that the Church of England is travelling?

But we start with a look through some of this week’s news.

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The Red Pill Report episode 7.

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Interview with Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden

The Rev Gavin Ashenden

The Rev Gavin Ashenden

Former chaplain to the Her Majesty Queen of England
Theologian, Author, Journalist, Commentator
Not “Our man in Havana,” but “Our man in the Church of England.”

This week Andrew talks with Gavin about the recent Church of England Synod.

What does this Synod tell us about the direction that the Church of England is travelling?


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Has the Church of England sold out?

On top of the slide that is happening in the Church of Englands morals with regard to sexuality in the church, apparently on the 18th February, Canterbury Cathedral will be hosting a service to “celebrate” 300 years of Freemasonry.

The Duke of Kent, First Grand Principal

The Duke of Kent, First Grand Principal

The Duke of Kent, who as well as being a patron of the Canterbury Cathedral Trust is also a Grand Master of the Freemasons, (or First Grand Principal, the Holy Royal Arch equivalent of the Grand Master in Craft Freemasonry). He will be the guest of Very Revd Dr Robert Willis, the Dean of Canterbury, who will be taking the three-hour service. In attendance also will be the heads of Freemasonry in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Freemasons in Kent, Sussex and Surrey raised £300,000 in an appeal for the restoration of the North-West Transept of the Cathedral.

Asked whether the service was linked to the donation, a spokesperson for the Cathedral apparently said: “Indeed.”

The Cathedral made the connection between the gift and the service in an “invitation on behalf of the Masonic Province of East Kent”, which states:

“Freemasonry has been pleased to support Canterbury Cathedral for many years, helping to fund essential repairs to the building, and the training of a number of apprentice stonemasons. To mark this three hundred year celebration, a major donation of £300, 000 has been made jointly by the Freemasons of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, to support the restoration of the Cathedral’s North West Transept. Three hundred thousand, to mark three hundred years.”

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

A spokesperson for the Archbishop of Canterbury declined to comment and referred queries to the Cathedral.

Well might he, decline to comment? What can he say about such an utter disgrace? One could say they might as well invite people from many other faiths to desecrate our churches… o they have already done this.

It appears that Masonic cash buys a lot of influence in the Church of England. Only a little while ago I was heating of a donation made by the Freemasons, for a costly, Savile Row clock, for conduction funerals.

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

Proud to be gay

Not yet proud to be a Christian?

Today, members of the Church of England’s ruling body have voted not to “take note” of a controversial report on homosexuality and same-sex marriage, which I hope to look at later, but I was shocked by a poster held by a protestor. The poster read:

“Proud to be Gay, Now make me proud to be Christian”.

So you, whoever you are, (sorry I do not know your name), are proud of your chosen sexual practice. But not proud to be a Christian?

Just for now, I am not going to enter into the debate about pride and the challenges of should or should we not, take pride in things. Nor going to take on such verses as Ephesians 2:8-9 and us having no reason to boast, because the nature of the poster assumes it is ok to be proud and that it would also be possible to take pride in being a Christian. Well, we could if the Church of England was not so nasty.

If you, poster holder, are saved:

  • God loves you.
  • God has chosen you.
  • Jesus has laid down his life in ransom for you.
  • Suffered in the Garden for you weeping over his suffering versus your eternal salvation.
  • He bled on the cross out of love for you.
  • Through the Holy Spirit, you are regenerated, having new life in you
  • You are now in Christ, part of the body of Christ.
  • Jesus is preparing a place for you.

And you are proud of your sexual acts and not if the love and grace that Jesus has poured out on you. That seems to me somewhat ungrateful at the very least.

If you are truly born again, how can you despise you birthright, being brought by Christ, by publicly saying you can not be proud to be a Christian, bought at a price by the blood of Christ, unlet the Church of England legitimises you going against the bible?

“… thus Esau despised his birthright.” (Genesis 25:34)