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This is a post that we have been asked to pass on to our readers from Jon Robberson the Producer for The Hagmann Report.


IntegricideThe willful killing of the truth, as permitted by the ignorant and those who criminally control them.


Today closes out a week in the New Media that can only be described as a bloodbath. YouTube eliminated: Victurus LibertasJake Morphonios, David Seaman, The Dr of Common Sense, Ron Johnson and many, many others. Dr Jerome Corsi voluntarily removed all of the content from his YouTube channel, after receiving two strikes overnight; Dr Corsi operated for years without a single incident. On Friday, Gizmodo reported that Dr Jerome Corsi has been suspended from YouTube for life, in addition to having the earnings rightfully due to him…vanish. Stolen.

However, in an update from Infowars, public pressure via Drudge picking up the story, has resulted in Dr Corsi’s channel being restored.

The YouTube censorship madness is relentless and unfortunately, very few who have lost their channels have the professional connections to utilize Drudge in an effort to seek justice. Interestingly, I sent my story about Dr Corsi’s removal of his archived content from YouTube, to Drudge three days before Gizmodo, but this simply proves the aforementioned point.

Twitter suspended Laura Loomer for a week. Facebook followed suit and kicked her to the curb for 30 days, while @Medium banned: Laura, Mike Cernovich and Hagmann Report regular, Jack Posobiec.

But why?

In this article, I hypothesize two likely reasons for the “American” Left to roll up into their potato bug shells, amplify their snot-nosed, emasculated voices through a Walmart bullhorn and shriek “Shut up!”

But first, a brief introduction to the latest, by way of context, and to set the tone.  This article is going to be very important for Hagmann Report listeners and Patriots, writ large.  So please read, share and utilize this piece in whatever way you are able, to spread the word.  As I pen this summary, men and women who’s work you know and in some cases know very well are hurting.

Good men are being reassured by their wives this evening, “Honey it will be okay. I am so, so proud of you for standing up.”

There are many female Citizen Journalists who are being trolled, threatened, issued death threats and in the case of Dana Loesch, hearing a live audience shout “Burn her! Burn her!” while she attended last weekends CNN Town Hall event with a beautifully prepared speech that contained concrete, proactive, realistic solutions. Solutions to prevent school shootings.  She accepted the invitation to last weekends engagement to try and save future child-victims from active shooters’ bullets. Instead, she was escorted from the property by a private security detail while violent hypocrites screamed for her to be burned to death.

It is for these reasons that I spent Friday evening writing this piece.

“Silence in the face of evil, is itself, evil.  God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak, is to speak. Not to act, is to act.”   Dietrich Bonhoeffer

I wrote this piece because one day I will stand before Almighty God and I will give account for what I did (or failed to do) and as an American Christian I will not stand down when women are being threatened with Medieval immolation, children are being blown away in school hallways and those among us trying, to tell the truth, are being thanked for all of our hard work by being deleted by a gaggle of reprobates who crawl the streets of San Francisco, seeking whom they may destroy. San Francisco, a city every bit as evil as Babylon, Sodom, or Jericho.

Of course, there has been and will be plenty of name-calling and for those unfortunate enough to encounter a poopy-pants hive of the Antifa collective this weekend, they may opt to bum rush you and beat you with sticks and bike locks while chanting “Love Trump’s Hate.”  That is unless you lack a private security detail and they make good on you their threats to Dana Loesch.

This is a time of theft. A time of violent rhetoric that has no place in the discourse for which our Founding Fathers shed blood in order that they might bequeath liberty to unborn generations.

But while the Main Stream Media watches their game plan to unseat a duly elected President devolve from half-baked Saul Alinski tactics to juvenile rhetoric that leaves millions of Blue Dog and Labor Democrats secretly laughing behind their hands, TV remote clutched in the other; YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are tearing down their own platforms one click, one link, one video, and one participant at a time.

You see, Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Schmidt (everything else), it is WE, the content creators, who built your platforms.

In fact, if national polls are to be believed, approximately half of the citizens in the United States are right of center politically, so by applying your “saw something, said something and we deleted your existence” model to all of the primary social networks, you, soy boys, by your own actions over recent weeks, have stated “We are just peachy losing half of the traffic that developed us from kids chipping in for Dominoes, in a dorm room, to billionaires.”

Keep it up, petulant children. And keep in mind, Dominoes pizzas aren’t getting any cheaper.

Are these Tech Tyrant pirates (who steal the sweat equity and plunder years of hard work from the channels who naively believed in their First Amendment rights) brilliant in computer sciences yet complete boneheads in Life 101?

I wonder.

The Victims

Their actions are the actions of unscrupulous thieves and psychopathic plagiarizers who took the money and ran. They have stolen the content from those who acted in good faith and they simultaneously jacked subscription bases from thousands of regular, liberty-loving Americans who worked 24/7 to develop the product that these shameless crooks stole. Consider this, millions of subscribers were equally ripped off.

The “purveyors” of platforms like YouTube not only did nothing to build the content creators’ subscriber bases but actually employed every algorithmic trick in town to suppress, manipulate and generally screw with legitimate traffic, month in and month out.

The content creators skipped dinners out, staying sequestered in tiny home offices to edit. They pushed off getting new brakes on their vehicles in order to purchase a better microphone or Wirecast. They brown-bagged it to their day jobs or skipped lunch altogether to purchase a refurbished MacBook so that they could honour their charge to keep. A charge to keep, an onus upon each of them that started with:

 “I love what my country was, hate what it has become and I will NOT sit silently while the fiscally and criminally irresponsible government spends my unborn great grandchildren into an assured banana boat subsistence.”

The content creators are our people. And to the content creators who read this, permit me to say that as long as I am the Producer of The Hagmann Report, we will back you until justice is served or bullets fly.

Hypothesis Number One

The seed money, or venture capital (to use the Silicon Valley term) that lifted these companies into existence came from the intelligence Leviathan that is the rogue side of what the average taxpayer calls The Federal Government.  Ties between the FBI, the CIA, the ONI and DIA, the Pentagon and private contractors from Raytheon to Lockheed are so intertwined with financing and subsidizing what we call “the socials” that to unravel the rat’s nest of skullduggery would require the best Forensic Accountants and it would take a lifetime.

The Federal Government uses off-book accounting to distribute Federal Reserve debt-script (aka US dollars) to the Tech Tyrants.  Therefore, ex post facto success for, say, Facebook, does not change one iota the fact that when the CIA tells Zuckerberg (who I call ‘Bauble Head’) to jump, he gets off his knees and chirps “How high?”

The natural conclusion to this hypothesis is that as President Trump marches into his second year at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the octopus tentacles of the Deep State, the alphabet agencies, realize that The President of the United States is going to start digging up dead bodies soon. Therefore the only hope that the Shadow Government has of keeping US Citizens, or rather millions of nine-digit tax bases ignorant, distracted and placated is to silence them.

In order to keep us in the dark and happily supporting our beloved red sock puppet or blue sock puppet politicians, the modus operandi of the ensconced bureaucracy is to leak just enough factual information to the dinosaur media and to the New Media, that overpaid and completely owned MSM “plastic heads” will hambone sincerity while they orate the lies that the Deep State downloads into their TelePrompTers.

The Deep State and the Silicon Valley pukes must kibosh the voices who the Constitutionalists, The Libertarians, The Ron Paul crowd, the Patriots, The Remnant Christian Church and Veterans have come to trust and believe.

And that, Hagmann Report Family, is exactly what the Tech Tyrants and their Shadow Government ATM machines are determined to accomplish.

Abraham Lincoln famously articulated “A house divided cannot stand.”  It is often (and erroneously) attributed to President Lincoln, but Mr Lincoln borrowed the truism from The Holy Bible, Matthew Chapter 12:22-25 reads:

  “Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and     He healed him, so that the blind and mute man spoke and saw. And all the multitudes were amazed and said, “Could this be the Son of David?”  Now when the Pharisees heard it they said, “This fellow does not cast out demons except by Beelzebub, the ruler of demons.”

But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

The globalist middle management henchmen received a “licked-palm” slap across their martini-pinkened jowls on November 6, 2016.  Hillary, their get out of jail free card …lost.  Then she got drunk. Threw some inanimate objects around, cursed her staff and collapsed into a vodka/valium heap on the floor; her alcohol-soaked Coronation dress the rag of a prom night whore.

Before passing out, she slurred something about, “They’ll hang us all.”

The leftist media swung into action. First, John Podesta tossed General Election protocol into Hillary’s puke bucket and took it upon himself to inform a ballroom of misguided reprobates that Mr Trump, would, in fact, be President Trump. The room broke out into infantile crying, wailing and yes, gnashing of teeth. This would not be the last time that we would see Hillary supporters triggered.

With her brood of diehards experiencing full-blown emotional meltdowns, why did Hillary leave them to wallow in their misery? Apparently, she was in no condition for public speaking.  Or much else.

The compromised, Patriot Acted, power-drunk intel agencies and the banksters who cook the books and keep them flush with slush fund cash burned the midnight oil in underground “situation rooms” and bunkers from sea to shining sea.


There were (and are) too many stories of murder in the wake of Hillary’s recent tenure as Secretary of State. On election night 2016, the DNC knew this and they knew that they would have to apply the Vince Foster style of “cease and desist” to the vast majority of Citizen Journalists, who, by their dedication to Candidate Trump, enabled Mr Trump to spend a single dollar for every $10 that Hillary spent and still win five critical swing states because his message was presented directly to the people. Candidate Trump did so through social media. With the bald-faced shutdown we have witnessed first hand of so many accounts, will President Trump successfully address the people directly in 2020?  You better believe Silicon Valley has thought this through.

 The Message

Infowars, The Hagmann Report, SGT Report, Tracy Beanz, The Josh Tolley Show, Caravan to Midnight, Paul Begley Prophecy, Lionel Nation, Liz Crokin, Coach Dave Live and hundreds and hundreds of other Independent Media platforms worked together to put Donald J Trump into office.  But we accomplished something else too. Through diligent inquiries, polite, proper interviews and fact-finding, utilizing the 4chan and 8chan Anons and Wikileaks and yes, ensuring that the blood of Seth Rich was not spilled in vain, all of the Citizen Journalists from LA to New York, Seattle to Miami, were present every time Hillary, Obama and their ilk tried to get away with (as Obama put it) “I’m pretty good at killing people.”

No! We stood up. We saw the murders of Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hastings, Michael Ruppert, Phillip Marshall, David Crowley and (looking back), Gary Webb. As a community, we decided “enough is enough.”

We began to share data and store it in undisclosed locations with those who could be trusted to publish if one of us somehow wound up killing our entire families (including the pets) and then double tapping ourselves in the head. We began to get dangerous stories out right away.  I know, I receive the calls from breathless journalists who are racing from state-to-state, fearful for their lives and asking for airtime.  Needless to say, I do whatever it takes to get them on the program, pronto.

The Criminals

Who’s guilty? The Intelligence Apparatus, the bureaucrats, Obama hold-overs and the type of scum who returned emails and sipped coffee while Kris “Tanto” Paranto, employed one shot one kill, on the roof of a CIA safe house in Benghazi while four Americans (including Ambassador Chris Stevens) lived their final moments and shot the magazines of their M-4 submachine guns empty…

These men died, save for Kris Paranto, who is now one of us.

Hillary screeched “What difference does it make?”

Well, I argue that were there no New Media: were there no Jake Morphonios, no Victurus Libertas, no David Seaman, no Mike Cernovich, no Doug Hagmann and no Jack Posobiec, the bile-choking answer to Hillary’s antagonistic question before Congress would be:

“What difference does it make?”


Because it is exactly the Investigative Journalists and Citizen Journalists (who are being silenced) that held Clinton’s cloven feet to the fire and through exhaustive, deliberate and consistently underfunded investigative reporting, disabled The Wicked Witch of Arkansas from getting away with a quadruple homicide on 9/11/12 in Benghazi, Libya, in the court of public opinion and in the voting booth in 2016.

Hillary Clinton, John and Tony Podesta, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Barack and Michelle Obama, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile, all have longterm vested interests in the inner machinations of the Deep State functioning status quo. Shining sunlight into the corners of the darkness, wherein the aforementioned dwell, like cockroaches, parasites conspiring against the Constitution and the American People, would result in Grand Juries empanelled this summer and as Hillary said in her Election Night stupor, “They will hang all of us!”

Metaphorically, get the rope ready, readers.

Can we safely argue that after witnessing President Trump in office for a year, his actions indicate that the Deep State status quo is the last thing that will remain in the dry fetid hole, once termed “The Swamp?”  Who among us would not like to see that Satanically consecrated ground bulldozed and a park planted in its place?  A park with generous shade trees and monuments to the victims enumerated above?  We cannot bring Seth Rich or Vince Foster back, but for the sake of their families, we as a nation should vindicate their murders. They were 187’d when their consciences began to prompt them to do what was right.

Hypothesis Number Two

The Tech Pirates must silence the majority of those with a proven track record for public truth-telling because they know that something’s coming.

I would imagine that most liberty-loving Americans, listeners and viewers of: Infowars, The Hagmann Report, AMTV, Blackstone Intelligence Network, Victurus Libertas, War Room and many, many others realize that the ongoing MSM attempts to unseat or impeach President Donald J Trump are failing to the point where their optics and content can only be described as circus ridiculous?

So what is their plan? With half of the country behind them, the Deep State is not going to just quit, like good sports, and retire to their think tanks and undeclared wars and wait for a sunny day in November 2018.  A sunny day, that in my opinion, should there be sun, will beam down on the right side of the Congressional Chamber.

The Agenda

The Deep State, The Shadow Government, the Neocons, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Monsanto and the Global Central Banks are not in the business of losing. Neither are their mindless minions; which is why the low-to-no information voting bloc had psychotic breaks on Inauguration Day.

You can hang your hat (not a pink p***y hat) on the fact that like a wounded, trapped animal, the ensconced Beltway Barons and their K Street money-men are not going to relent.  In fact, history clearly demonstrates that they will not so much as take a break. The Luciferian, “progressive” Left in The United States never relent! They incrementally push their agenda, while using marginalized factions of Americans, most of whom live on the fringe by choice, as convenient pawns in the “big picture;” an agenda, I might add, that few Americans on either side of the aisle comprehend.

War Drums

What might that “big picture” be?

I quote the Founder of Trends Journal, Gerald Celente, “when all else fails, they take us to war.”

Could the recent and ongoing Social Media Saturday Night Massacre be the prelude to a preemptive attack by the US on North Korea?

Rick Wiles and his stellar news team over at Trunews reported on this exact possibility earlier this week. Having properly sourced Trunews, here is what was said:

Rick Wiles (President and Host of Trunews): “Are you prepared for nuclear war by Spring? We may be less than sixty days from nuclear war.

That is a very bold, very direct remark from Rick Wiles, who has been heading up the New Media for twenty years; far longer than the term “New Media” has been in the American vernacular. What would prompt Rick to make such a statement?

Less than two weeks ago, the Republican Junior Senator from Idaho, Jim Risch was in Germany, attending the Munich Security Conference, where Senator Risch participated as a Foreign Policy Panelist. Senator Risch, who is next in line to head the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, upon Bob Corker’s retirement later this year, had this to say regarding North Korea:

“If this thing starts, it’s going to be probably be one of the worst catastrophic events in the history of our civilization, but it’s going to be very, very brief. The end of it is going to be mass casualties the likes of which the planet has never seen.  It will be of Biblical proportions.”

CIA Director, Mike Pompeo recently told BBC, “We talk about him (Kim Jong Il) having the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon to The United States in a matter of a handful of months.”

Biblical proportions? A handful of months? It would seem that Rick’s opening remarks summarize what the team at Trunews subsequently proved by reiterating the words of CIA Director Pompeo and Senator Risch?

In closing, I have been stirred in my spirit over the past many days to keep a sharp eye on the international money scene.  Wall Street overwhelming supported Hillary Rodham Clinton, with tens of millions of dollars from The Street.  Is it speculative (but not wildly so) that in the wake of a year of the fake stream media’s repeated failure to indict, impeach, prosecute or otherwise neutralize the 45th President of the United States, that the international banksters would place a call and essentially say, “okay, CNN, you had your chance, and then some. Take a back seat. We are now going to deal with this our way.”

Weaponized Banking

What would that potentially look like? It could be something as seemingly benign in the news cycle as an announcement from The Fed that they are raising interest rates but by more than other rate increases over the past ten years. Say, by a full point. This would touch off any number of responses from around the globe but it would surely create enormous concern in the bond market.

So what about the bond market? The bond market is to the stock market like a Keebler Elf to The Jolly Green Giant. Bonds are big. For years and years, Economists like; David Stockman, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente and many others have said time and time again, an implosion in the US Bond Market would be THE Black Swan event.  Derivatives? Same fallout.

We have all seen the vehemence and the vitriol with which the Left in America, mired in their political fantasies, believe their Amerika, regards President Donald Trump.

Do any here among us have enough faith left in all Americans to believe that should the MSM fail to unseat President Trump, the next players to lock and load their model of asymmetric warfare are not the international banksters?

Perhaps we need not concern ourselves with a possible economic implosion at all.  As Senator Risch pointed out in his lightning bolt quote above, we could be one car payment, one mortgage payment…maybe two, from a mass casualty war (that) “will be of Biblical proportions.”

The Substance of Things Not Seen

The Hagmann Report asks, “Could these potential eventualities be why our friends, associates and counterparts are being criminally deleted from YouTube? Are we about to face such a historically globe shaking event or series of events that the only way that the Deep State can implement such evil, the only way they can foist these wicked schemes on Americans, and other nations, and do so in our names, is to first eliminate those with a proven track record of brazen truth-telling and a substantial enough base of followers that ensure the truth will be heard?

Are we near revolution in our land?  Civil war?  If so, why?  I leave you with the words of my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.  For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.  But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they were wrought in God.”  John Chapter 3:19-21

Jon Robberson is the Producer for The Hagmann Report. Follow him on Twitter