David Davis

Not what we voted for Mr Davis.

Immigration is not my first concern when it comes to the Brexit question. Returning the government of the UK to our nation and getting ourselves out from under the rule of the globalist and pan-nationalist and New World Order rulers of the EU come way above immigration in my mind. Especially as until we return control to Westminster, there is no mechanism whereby we can in any substantial way tackle the question of immigration even if we wanted to.

Having said that, as a small nation we have to pay attention to immigration.

David Davis is reported to have stated that the UK will not suddenly shut the door on workers coming in from the EU. I expect he is right, to a degree. And I expect that the door will never shut entirely. But I believe that we are entitled to some reasonable expectation that as a born and bread Britain, I have more right to work in the UK, than someone who moves thousands of miles into our country and who often manage to take the jobs.

Davis is reported to have said it could take “years and years” for Britain to fill all the jobs that would otherwise have been done by EU immigrants. Again there may be some degree of truth in that statement, but I believe we need, and should expect some degree of assurance that there is going to be a move towards a change from cheap migrant labour to indigenous employment.

I became unemployed a few years ago and spent around six months applying for around ten jobs every day. Despite what politicians may tell you, it was not that I would only apply for the easy and well-paid jobs, I applied for any and every job that I could reasonably do. During that time I had one interview. And I am now in that job, and though it is a menial job, I have been doing it for some years now.

I work in a hotel, and on the whole, when a vacancy comes up it is filled by a person from Poland. It has been pointed out to me that staff from the UK do not stay long in the jobs here, but it is my firm belief that if you are cleaning bedrooms in a team of four people and three of them talk all the time in Polish, after a short time, you feel very lonely, and look for something else.

It may not be pleasant or even kind to tell EU migrants that they have to leave their jobs and their new homes, but we certainly could say that less or maybe even no new migrants will be able to fill our jobs, coming in from abroad

Mr Davis said: “In the hospitality sector, hotels and restaurants, in the social-care sector, working in agriculture; it will take time. It will be years and years before we get British citizens to do those jobs.”

We have unemployed young people who should be VERY STRONGLY encouraged to take up employment. Maybe that would also help to elevate some of our troubles with drink and drugs. I work in hospitality, so I know what I am speaking about here. It is not an easy or pleasant job, especially if your boss really does not care, but who said work was going to be easy or fun. What has happened to the “Protestant work ethic.” When you reject Christianity, you lose more than just your faith.

Mr Davis was travelling to EU capitals for meetings with his counterparts as Ms May’s Government seeks to win allies ahead of formal negotiations on the terms of Britain’s exit. So maybe this was just to sweeten the deal with Europe, and we really do intend to slow migration. But we would be better speaking the truth.

On a larger note. And I must write more about this is time. I do not believe either that we should be taking only the best from here or there, either. Nurses from this country, doctors from another, and computer programmes from yet another. Their countries need to have their top people in their own countries to produce weather at home. It is only going to perpetuate the flow of people from poor countries to rich if we keep taking the best people form the poor countries to make our country even richer.