Stop stealing from poor counties!

In an article, (Europe’s migrants are here to stay), for Politico by Dimitris Avramopoulos, (a Greek politician of the conservative New Democracy party, and former career diplomat), he argues that there is nothing that we can do to stop immigration or migration and that the best we can do is to plan to manage it.

That subject I will address in other articles, but here I wanted to stand against the wrong sentiment that we should, in the words of Dimitris Avramopoulos,

“enhance legal channels for economic migration with a more ambitious Blue Card for highly skilled workers and kick-start targeted labour migration pilot projects in key third countries.”

I other words, we want to take SKILLED WORKERS, form poorer countries.

Can you imagine a government saying to the population in the UK’s poorer areas, people in Wales, in Scotland in inner-citie areas, “We want to move your skills and better-paid people out of your area in into a richer more prosperous areas?”

What would this do to these areas?

I am sure, to a little extent we already see a migration of skilled and entrepreneurial people from the poorer areas of the UK to more prosperous areas, without any intervention from a government.

The end result, must to a degree that these areas become more impoverished. We in the UK tend to try to work against this natural migration by investment and business development support areas like, ‘The Northern Powerhouse,’ a proposal to boost economic growth in the North of England by the 2010-15 coalition government and 2015-2017 Conservative government in the United Kingdom.

Should we impoverish already poor countries?

It seems that when it comes to skilled migration from poorer countries many, many politicians, (Even what I might want to call good or switched on politicians like Nigel Farage), want to encourage the migration, rather than encourage the development of the poorer cartridge. This further impoverishes the already poor countries and increases the wealth of the richer countries, (us).

What we end up with is a greater difference is the relative wealth of the richer and the poorer counties and increased motivation for economic migration and we find ourselves as manufacturing countries trying to sell to countries that we have impoverished and who we then have to lend money to so they can buy our goods and services and therefore we even further impoverished thiese countires.

What we need is a ‘Northern Powerhouse,’ for these poorer countries. Help, or at least encourage the poorer counties to develop their economies, reducing the motivation for economic migration and developing markets that we can trade wih.

[Yes, I know we should also stop starting wars in countries that encourage migration, but that is for another article.]