Fantasy World – The world of Anti-Science – Anti-Reality

Listening to the news today you could be forgiven for wondering if you are listening to a novel or watching a film version of it.  A novel written by a very clever person who can weave truth and fantasy together so that after a few chapters you have lost the plot and have no real way of telling what is news and what is story-telling fantasy.

For most people today, I suppose Walt Disney represents the world of fantasy. Who doesn’t remember watching one of his famous films when you were a child. And, of course, many of us still watch films telling a good yarn.

However, Disney didn’t invent fantasy situations. Countless writers before his time have summoned up fantasy worlds for their readers. But let’s go back to the real source of fantasy. In order to do this, you need to visit the source book of reality, and that means the Holy Bible.

The Bible begins with the famous words In the beginning God. That is ultimate reality. Humanity cannot go back beyond that.  For that matter neither can angels or any other created beings.  Which leads us neatly into the real beginnings of fantasy.

In the Bible, Isaiah 14 records a judgement against the king of Babylon, and against all rulers who raise themselves up against GOD and his plans and his people. Verses 13-14 are always taken to represent the sin and judgement of Satan.

“How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!
13 For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’
15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit.” (Isaiah 14:12)

Lucifer – or Satan – was apparently a very beautiful Angel, holding what probably is the highest rank among angels, that of the Cherubim – or Cherubs.

And he, it seems somewhat ahead of the rest.  He saw that he was so beautiful, and felt himself to be so powerful that he wanted to exalt himself. In fact – he wanted to be equal with the Most High – God himself.

So pride entered a perfect universe, and a world of Fantasy began. An unreal world of Anti-reality and Anti-science. This is the ultimate beginning of Fantasy.

But let us bring this to the world of humanity, the world we live in today.

Not being content with living in his own Fantasy World, which presumably he does to this day, Satan determined to export his Fantasy World to humanity!

Genesis 3 tells the story – real history – of God’s human creation. Adam and Eve were created perfect.  That is to say without fault or sin.

We can only imagine what that must have been like. A beautiful world – the Garden of Eden, Paradise,  birthplace of human history. The place where they met with God every day. Bodies so perfect that we can only imagine their freedom, energy, power, etcetera.

This is the world that Satan determined to invest with Fantasy. He approached Eve presumably seeing her as the one who had, second hand, received God’s command not to eat of the tree. That is to say, she received the command through a man, her husband Adam, and therefore she was perhaps a little more vulnerable.

He spoke to her and sowed in her mind two ideas. One – that either Adam was lying or God was, but that in any case God’s word could not be relied on. Indeed that He was not truthful and could not be trusted. And Two, that she could by her own actions, by her own power, indeed by her disobedient actions become like God himself.

Alas, Eve believed Satan’s deceiving lies took fruit from the tree and ate it. Then she took some to Adam and he ate it. The two of them disobeyed God and A World of Fantasy began!

Alas, the world of Adam and Eve,  was truly an unreal world, in regard to its hopes and dreams. But truly a real one in regard to its judgements.  Including hard labour, in both senses.  Thorns and weeds, painful toil and sorrow, deceit and lies and death.  Which is very real especially for all unredeemed humanity for whom death has not been transformed and is still a monster.  A monster that leads to the ultimate monster and ultimate reality ….  HELL.

By now you are probably saying, Look – that’s all thousands of years ago, it’s ancient history. How does that affect us?

Strangely enough, it affects us in so many ways that it would be difficult to exaggerate them.  Satan is The Deceiver and his world is a world of lies, deceit, confusion and twisted crookedness.  A Fantasy World where nothing is as it seems,  and you cannot be sure of anything.

God is real, straight, true and reliable.  None of this applies to Satan.  When he spoke to Eve,  he revealed that his words and actions were not true, straight or reliable.  But were twisted, crooked, confusing and misleading.  In fact, lies.

In John 8v44 Jesus himself said to some Jews who were questioning him,

“You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8v44

Satan is a liar, and the one who invented lying.  Alas, humanity has inherited from  Adam and Eve their fallenness, their crookedness, their confusion, and of course, a tendency to lie whenever it seems helpful. Not to mention a tendency not to trust or believe God!

The world Satan has “created” with his lies and deceit is a world of confusion, with no straight lines just twisted crookedness.   Lies … water in the desert … a mirage. In other words a Fantasy World.  An anti-truth,  anti-science,  anti-reality world!

But how does this work out?  In the world we live in today, please tell us what this means

Well.  It means that you and I live in a real world that God has created. A physical world – existing in time and space.  Where science can be done because the physical word has been created with standards and measurements.

We have yards feet and inches or meters and centimetres etcetera, that are always the same – always have the same value.

This world of reality has mass, light, life and death and reality.  It is a world we can trust.  We can measure it, weigh it, etcetera.  But we also live in the world that Satan has invented.  Where nothing can be trusted where everything is so confusing.  A world of mystery and confusion.  A world that inhabits our minds.

This world of reality has mass, light, life and death and reality.  It is a world we can trust.

YOU say,  But I live in the real world of science, not an imaginary world of confusion and lies. Really?

We can actually see all around us that people all seem to have a bias of some kind or another.  If you imagined that teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, etc were totally unbiased, just take off their white coats /uniform, and underneath they are human beings who have inherited Adam and Eve’s nature.  The nature of Satan’s confusion and corruption.

Are our politicians always telling you the truth?  Or just the truth as they see it?

With all the bias they have grown up with and embellished!!

Oh dear. Not just politicians – God bless them and not just car salesmen and estate agents – may the Lord be with them – or even televangelists!

But everyone.

We are all confused about some things. Why are there so many philosophies?

And why are philosophers and psychiatrists objects of humour and mistrust? Why are there so many religions?  And so many preachers, prophets and gurus? And so few of them really trusted?  Confusion reigns.  We do not live in a world of straight lines.

Let me give you a few examples ….

  1. The world of the atheist.  God says that the atheist is a fool. He has swallowed Satan’s lies. Evidence for the existence of God is everywhere, but the atheist makes it his business to explain it away, and invents a Fantasy World.
  2. The world of the evolutionist.  Or the world of Darwinism – or the new/revised Darwinism.  What unspeakable rubbish is poured out upon us through the BBC, the Open University and the education system? That evolution is a scientific certainty and that without any intelligent input, and by sheer chance – over millions of years microbes emerged from some invented primaeval seas, and then turned into all kinds of creatures and men. Sheer fantasy.
  3. The world of the Abortionist.  The idea/theory/statement, that the child in the mother’s womb is not a human being until it can exist independently outside the womb.  Isn’t it amazing?  When a lioness conceives what is in her womb is a lion.  It has never been anything but a lion from the moment of conception, and it never will be anything but a lion. another fantisy.

And the reality is, that from the moment of conception what is in the human mother’s womb is a human being.  It is not something else. It can never become something else.  It has been from the beginning and will always be a human being. It has been alive and developing beautifully from the moment of the first cell.  And God makes it clear in His holy word the Bible, that from conception in the womb, He knows us through and through and has a purpose for each one of us.

You could look up … Isaiah 44v24 – and 49v15 or Psalm 139v13, or Jeremiah 1v5 and other scriptures to confirm this.

People who are basically anti-God, anti-Christianity, anti-Jesus, live in a fantasy anti-science world of their own making.  So that they can live by their own twisted rules instead of obeying God and living by His rules.

But beneath our fantasy worlds – fables – films, we all know, or we should all know that this is not the real world.  Of course we won’t always admit the truth. That is the essence of fantasy. We should be able to separate Disney from reality, but do we?  Are we willing to separate mere ideas from solid reality?

Let us look at  one of the most recent and most confusing and damaging of these ideas – The world of trans.

There are lots of other fantasy worlds, and I know I am almost certainly not allowed to say this, but I want to live in the world of truth, science,  facts and reality. Not in the world of lies, deceit, confusion and anti-science.

The fable is – If a male wants to become a female – or vice versa. If it feels like they are living in the wrong body, It’s okay to change your sex… err sorry… it’s okay to change your gender.

Of course, all sorts of things can be done to bring about changes to your body.

You can take hormones, or you can have surgery and you can use make-up.

Perhaps that should be make believe?

I am not trying to minimise the difficulties faced by a tiny minority of people who do have problems in the real world with a body which does not conform to our normal expectations of male or female.  But they are in reality a very small minority group. They need all the understanding and help we can give them. Please see more below.

However, the reality is that most trans people – and the ones I want to speak about – are not in that group and are simply fantasising about their body image and their power to change it, and many are apparently encouraging their children to experiment with this fantasy. We are being told that even young children should be allowed/encouraged to be the sex/gender they want to be. Boys should be allowed to wear skirts to school, etcetera.

Hormones can increase or decrease the size of your breasts, or increase or decrease masculine features such as facial hair, or even change the sound of your voice.

Surgery can apparently – I haven’t researched this and don’t wish to – can create the external appearance of male or female sex organs. In anyone who does not have a very sound physical need for that it sounds really creepy to me.

Make-up can conceal certain features and/or enhance others.

But the bottom line is, this is a fantasy world ! A trans who started life as a man is still a man. And a trans woman is still a woman. Every cell in the human body is permanently marked male or female. So we have a fantasy world. A world of anti-science, anti-fact and anti-reality.

We, the British Public, are being told to believe it, accept it and swallow this deception whole.  In fact, Live in this fantasy world! And our children and grandchildren will be  being fed a diet of lies and deceit, if the liberal elite have their way, and ofsted will back them up with the force of law.

Let me make it quite clear:

First, I do understand there are a few, an extremely small number in percentage terms, who do actually have a sexual identity problem. And who do need love,recognition and understanding and whatever help can be given them!

Secondly, I do not hate trans people.  I feel sorry for them, and I wish I could help them. I will pray for them and hope they find the help they need.

However, I do not wish to be drawn or coerced into their fantasy world !

I wish, please, to be left alone to live in the real world. The world of truth,  straight lines and reality.  The world in which genuine science can be done, and where truth is recognised and common sense prevails.

Alas. our Government has embraced this fantasy world, and enacted laws that pretty much enforce acceptance of it!

What can we do in response to all this ?

  1. Live in the real world
  2. Try to stay on the right side of wrong laws
  3. Pray earnestly for our Government
  4. If you meet/know trans people
    Love them and pray for them.
    Try to understand them and be as helpful as reality allows
  5. Do not be overcome by evil Lies-deceit-fantasy, but overcome evil with good.

And finally,

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May He give you wisdom, and love and His own joy and peace

And above all

Keep your heart and mind free from the fantasy world of Satan!