TRPR 23 – Two Votes and One Scandal and a Massacre.

In this week’s episode, Andrew Looks at the UK General Election, The London Bridge attack, The Scottish Episcopal Church’s dedication to abandon biblical marriage and a little look at Comey’s testimony.

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The Red Pill Report episode 23.

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It is now time to vote.

This is election day for the UK.

We live in a world where we can not take it for granted that we will have the preservation of our freedoms. The continued right to preach the gospel, (our main responsibility). We, (Christians), have always had to fight for the right to freely live and practice our Christian faith.

Paul says, “Art thou called being a servant? care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use it rather.” (1 Corinthians 7:21). If you have to live as a slave, make the best of it, but if you can be free, “use it.”

We should be doing what we can to maintain our freedom to live for, worship and serve, our God.

Voting is an opportunity to promote, protect, and preserve godly government. Passing up that opportunity means letting those who would denigrate the name of Christ have their way in our lives. The leaders we elect—or do nothing to remove—have great influence on our freedoms.

Jesus said for us to “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21). Our government has called on us to vote for the government that we feel is the best government to serve our country. We have a responsibility to God to do this to the best of our ability.

“[God] removeth kings, and setteth up kings: He giveth wisdom unto the wise, And knowledge to them that know understanding: (Daniel 2:21)

Today, we have been given the opportunity to use our vote, in His service to bring about the best government possible at this time.

I will not tell you who to vote for, but I suggest you get on your knees before God and seek his wisdom, then exercise your opportunity to vote.

UK Election 2017

General Election – Who will I vote for?


I have been looking, as most of you have at the things that the media are telling us about the General Election.

BBC Election Debate GE2017

On the whole, the event was… a disgrace. It was more a school playground shouting match than an informative debate and there were few that come out looking like Prime-ministerial material.

Theresa May was wise not going, and despite the few jibes that were put in about her absence.

Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader of the Green Party, came up with some good challenges about our foreign wars and arms sales, but there was much more heat than light.

The BBC Question Time special

The BBC Question Time special with Corbin and May was much more informative as can bee seen on the BBC website or Youtube.


My Thinking.

It is not really my place to tell you who your should vote for.

Some members of my family have talked about voting for no one… and I understand their feelings. In many ways, there is no party that it rally fit to lead the UK.

However, it is very unlikely that that will result in a more righteous country or more liberty for the gospel.

My thinking has been something like this.

Unless you have The Christian Party standing in your area, and it is unlikely. They only have two candidates. Then UKIP is the closest to my beliefs.

I hope I am not racist or xenophobic, but I believe that for more than one reason, immigration is a threat to our religious freedom. The growth of Islamification, and the growth of globalism and the dilution of individual countries and the threat that brings of the “Liberal elite” taking over are very real challenges that I think we face.

If I could vote for UKIP, without giving Westminster over to a… troubling party I would vote for them. UKIP, however,  will not for the next government, but they have moved the debate in the right direction.

The Scottish National Party, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, are not going to for the majority government. Though they could possibly undermine the possibility of getting a strong government to lead us into the Brexit negotiations.

So we are left with the Liberal Democrats and Labour Party

Liberal Democrats

Tim Faron of the Liberal Democrats has really disappointed me in the way he has succumb to the pressure of the Liberal [illiberal] elite and media to cave in on Abortion and Homosexual sexual intercourse.

And the way he has said he will not tell people what is sinful (right or wrong.)

And talked of sharing Christian values as “Banning on!”

On top of this… as their name suggestions, they are Liberal, Christianity is conservative… with a small “c”. Not Tory but conservative.

The Asperger Home Education review of party views on home education suggest that

“Under a Liberal Democrat government all home educators must register with the local authority and they must have a planned curriculum.”

“The Liberal Democrats are strongly supportive of the state school system and… It is possible that the Liberal Democrats will be more hostile towards home educators than Labour.”


Some of my questions are…

“Do I feel that it is right to borrow your way out of debt?”

“Is it right to borrow and spend money you have no intention of paying back?”

“Is it right to put my spending on my grandchildren’s shoulders?”

We could also ask questions about nationalisation and defence etc.

My conclution is…

Though they are by no means perfect… I believe that I should vote for the Conservatives…

And hope for them to have a good but not over large majority.

And that we should not stop holding them to account for any and every wrong decision that they take.

But you must seek God as to whom you should vote for.

TRPR 22 – General Election 2017 special

This week, Andrew can not put off any longer talking about the General Election, so as well as a review of some of this weeks news Andrew will give his approach to who he will vote for.

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The Red Pill Report episode 22.

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Welcome to The Red Pill Report

Thanks for listening and a brief explanation of who and what The Red Pill Report is.



Brexit News

Expats returning for care after Brexit could cost NHS £1bn a year, a report warns.

Other News.

Teenage pregnancy fall linked to funding cuts.

General Election polls suggest that Sadiq Khan would transform Labour’s chances of beating Theresa May if he was party leader.

NASA Performs Chemtrails Experiment.

General Election 2017

BBC Election debate.

BBC Question Time.

May could lose her majority in June 8 election.


TRPR 19 – May and the NHS have trouble with their chips!

In this episode, Andrew reviews the week’s news looking at the UK elections coverage and the results of the French election along with other items of news.

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The Red Pill Report episode 19.

Welcome and thanks for listening.


Welcome to The Red Pill Report

Thanks for listening and a brief explanation of who and what The Red Pill Report is.


Andrew Looks at a number of news items