TRPR 46 – Andrew on the Hagmann Report.

Our final show of 2017 is given over to an interview with Doug and Joe Hagmann, but it is me that is being interviewed. I do not know if we blessed anyone else… but I had a fantastic time.

Show notes

The Red Pill Report episode 46.

Welcome and thanks for listening.


Welcome to The Red Pill Report

Thanks for listening and a brief explanation of who and what The Red Pill Report is.


Sort of there where no news items discussed this week, it was just a different kind of interview… I was being interviewed not interviewing.

Interview with Doug and Joe Hagmann

Doug and Joe are the co-hosts of the Hagmann Report, a daily current affairs/new and interview show in the USA. They often talk of themselves as America’s premiere father/son investigative team.

Hagmann Report website:-

Hagman Report YouTube

The Doug Hagmann Show

The Hagmann Daily Show

If you want to see the show as a video it is here… but I do not recommend it… I have a radio face.


Hagmann Report

Welcome Hagman Report listeners.

I don’t know about you… but I had a really fun time on the Hagmann Report on Thursday night/Friday morning. Doug and Joe are two great guys to hang out with and from what I saw of the chat room, the listeners and viewers are great too.

For those who following my Hagman appearance have signed up to receive The Red Pill Report Newsletter, it comes out either daily or weekly depending on what you signed up for.

I used to write quite a bit for the website, but internet access is somewhat harder at work now, so I am not able to research and post like I used to be able to in my free time. Given time, I do hope that I will be able to give more time to building The Red Pill Report. To be able to go half-time it would only take sponsorship of around £250/week.

For any that did not see the appearance on the Hagman Report here, it is from youtube.


Hagmann Report

Andrew on the Hagman Report.

God willing Andrew will be a guest on the Hagmann Report tonight at 1 am… OK, that is probably really tomorrow morning, but let us not quibble about technicalities.

God willing we will have this interview up as our podcast this Sunday.