ISIS has nothing to do with Islam!

This is a great tongue in cheek video.

“We all know ISIS have nothing to do with Islam…

We join an Islamic apologetic class instructing students to go out and preach to the infidels online that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.

Huge thanks to the one and only Sye Ten Atheist who animated this video in such a glorious way. If you haven’t already, go subscribe for brilliant entertaining content.”

More than 400 former ISIS fighters back in Britain!

Sky News is reporting that Security sources have told Sky News more than 400 former fighters are now believed to be back in Britain.

UK authorities are facing an increased terror threat from battle-hardened fighters returning from Mosul and other conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

The authorities are said to believe there is a growing risk the UK could suffer the kind of mass gun and bomb attacks seen in France and Belgium recently.

There are thought to be more than 400 returning, battle hardened, fighters who have been trained in the use of weapons and the construction of improvised explosive devices.

Some 12,000 military weapons were discovered in Spain a few days ago. If we assume that not all batches of smuggled weapons are found, we could find ourselves with a small army to tackle. Not just a lone-wolf with a car and a knife!

Former Scotland Yard Specialist Firearms Officer and author Tony Long said combating an attack launched by a well-trained returning jihadist could be a tough prospect.

It has long been the view of a number of well-connected friends of mine, that the attacks that we see form time to time commited by individuals or small groups, though there actions are clamimed by larger organsiation like ISIS, are infact not really the fight that ISIS and other jahadist groups are planing.

ISIS have very little interest in killing one policeman, for even a few dozen people here or there. ISIS want to take territory. Islam, in their eyes, is a concerning religion, that is to take over Europe.

Tony Long says “These are combat-hardened soldiers. They might not be trained in the way that NATO might train their soldiers but they’ve seen more close quarter conflict and more urban fighting than probably most members of the British Armed Forces and you have to respect that.

“Of course they’re bringing that knowledge back with them to the UK and it’s very very difficult because of the legal restrictions that are put on the security services and the police to actually monitor all of these people.”

It is very possible that Britain has a very real growing militant Islamic army growing here in our very midst.

Some returning Islamist fighters are being jailed, for example, Imran Khawaja, 29, from west London, is currently serving 12 years in prison after he faked his own death in Syria in an attempt to sneak back into the UK undetected. Among other things, Imran was pictured posing with the severed heads of Syrian soldiers during his six months in the country. What of the fighters who decided against posing for pictures?

Imran was arrested as he tried to re-enter the UK through the port of Dover and later admitted preparing for acts of terrorism, attending a camp, receiving training and possessing firearms.


UK Government give £1million to known terrorist

Apparently, a British man died recently in a suicide bomb attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul.  is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.

He was well known to the UK government as he was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, who the UKpetitionedd to get reliesed.

The British man originally known as Ronald Fiddler aged around 50 was from Manchester.

He spent around two years in US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay. The BBC say that “He had been seized by US forces in Pakistan in 2001, before being sent to Guantanamo.
US interrogators found he provided useful information to them about the Taliban’s methods.” This very strongly suggests that he was not an innocent man caught up in the area and mistakenly detained as an ISIS member, but was, in fact, an Islamic Jehadist.

Have we gone mad?

The Daily Mail reported Fiddler received a million pounds in compensation from the government when he came back to the UK.

Why is the British government giving millions in compensation to jihadist?

If this is for the two years he spent in Guantanamo, that is something like. £1,370/day. Even if you count 24 hours a day, that is £57/hour. I wish I could get a job that paid £57/hour.

But it is not the ridiculous amount, but that this is an ISIS member who is being funded to, potentially continue his radical jihadist war against non-Muslims.

Now, suppose he had truly turned his back on his ISIS affiliation and was wanting to live as a good British citizen, why did he need a £million? There are plenty of hospitals and old folks homes who could well do with most of that million.