TRPR 172 – News Review 24 Februrary 2020.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of, from Sugar daddies to Sex Robots Untruths that must be affirmed and truths that can not be spoken. The 120,000 ‘non-crime’ hate cases the police have recorded in the last 5 years and where do not journalists stand political?

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TRPR 166 – News Review 12 January 2020.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of, including, The biggest cause of death in 2019, Seven in ten Scottish councillors oppose smacking ban, Julian Assange Is Being Tortured To Death: “I’m Dying Here”, Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’, TruNews Punished by PayPal for Jeffrey Epstein Report, United Methodist Church set to split over LGBT issues, Australia’s wildfires crisis should act as a “wake-up call for the world”, according to Britain’s House of Commons Speaker, Glacier Park in Montana Set to Remove ‘Glaciers Will All Be Gone By 2020’ Signs, Plant-based ‘pork ‘launched by Impossible Foods and More than one in three 13-year olds have been exposed.

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TRPR 154 – News Review 28 October 2019.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of, including Clapping being banned at Oxford University, Assange in Court, prematurely aged and mentally struggling. The End of Women’s Sports, Russia’s Largest Oil Company Ditches Dollar In New Oil Deals, 96% of biologists admit life begins at fertilization, Google fiddling the search results and James Younger at 3 Years: ‘Mommy Tells Me I’m a Girl!’

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TRPR 153 – News Review 21 October 2019.

Andrew gives his take on the news of the week that the church should be taking note of, including answering the question, “are the lunatics running the allium”… almost, the opposition is now governing! UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says Julian Assange exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged time. We will look at the roots of the Bulgaria v England: ‘Football racists chants, Chick-fil-A hounded out of the UK by the LGBT lobby! Problems with pronouns, Universities want to pursue unintentional ‘hate crimes,’ We will look at some quotes from CNN’s LGBT Townhall, and we will ask what has come from legalising assisted suicide.

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the guardian - fake news

The Guardian – Newspaper or fake news?

On December 24th, 2016 the Guardian newspaper published a fake news article. Written by Ben Jacobs this article made three central claims. The first claim is that “Julian Assange gives guarded praise of Trump and blasts Clinton in an interview.” The report also claimed that Assange “long had a close relationship with the Putin regime.” Then in a complete distortion of the truth, Jacobs claims that “In his interview with La Repubblica, [Assange] said there was no need for WikiLeaks to undertake a whistleblowing role in Russia because of the open and competitive debate he claimed exists there.”

Each of these claims are false, or are, to use a popular claim made against independent news media, they are ‘Fake News!’

But none of that happened. Those claims are made up. To read the full story of this see the Intercept article.

Lies travel easily

These false statements, or fake news, published by the Guardian, have been spread all over the internet by, causing hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) to hear these false claims or fake news.

Facebook, Twitter and the like, though claiming to be fighting ‘fake news,’ where in fact used and powerful methods of spreading this fake news.

I hope whether or not you like or loathe Julian Assange, and you would agree that no one, and especially not a reputable newspaper should be publishing lies about him.

This article and the false narrative that it teaches plays into the hands of the Clinton supporters and those opposed to Trump who are trying to paint a picture that the Kremlin used its agents, like Assange, to support Trump and sink Clinton.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is NO evidence to support the claim that the Kremlin supported or helped the Trump campaign and that it was the DMC who were responsible for their own downfall. However, when influential members of the media give credence to this claim, they are supporting those who are seeking to undermine a duly elected head of a sovereign country.

Assange confirms, Russia Was NOT source of DNC/Podesta Leaks

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, (15th Dec 2016), Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, declared that Russia did not provide hacked documents.

“Our source is not the Russian government,” Assange told Hannity.

“In other words, let me be clear,” Hannity asked, “Russia did not give you the Podesta documents, or anything from the DNC?”

“That’s correct,” Assange replied.

Wikileaks has been accused by the U.S. government, and most if not all main stream media in the USA and around the world, of working with Russian state actors during the presidential election to hack Democratic Party organisations and provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton in order to sway the election in favour of Donald Trump.

This is pretty conclusively proven to be untrue. Who is peddling “Fake News” now?

But the real investigation should be into what the DNC and Podesta where up to, not how did it come to the public knowledge. If the emails where all innocent, there would have been no news.