In this episode, as well as an interview with Andrew Tucker about recent news concerning Israel, and with Paul Taylor of the Mount St Helens Creation Center, and what the eruptions in 1980/82 can tell us about fake science and the biblical account of creation, Andrew reviews John Bercow, (Speaker of the House of Commons), recent ban on Donald Trump speaking in Westminster Hall, and Chatham House’s recent survey, about European attitudes to further migration from mainly Muslim countries.

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This week Andrew only discusses two news items, but they do show how people’s views are shaped by pressure from extreme liberals and how far many of our politicians and media are from the majority of the people.

Andrew Tucker

Andrew Tucker

Interview with Andrew Tucker

This week’s first interview is with Andrew Tucker the executive Director of Christians for Israel International and legal counsel for European Coalition for Israel. We are catching up with Andrew to get an update on the Paris Peace Conference and to see what the news is for Israel at the moment.

Christians for Israel International

European Coalition for Israel

Interview with Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is the Director of the Mount St Helens Creation Center.

Andrew And Paul talk around the subject or the false claims that are made by “scientists” evolutionists and the media about evidence for evolution. The ‘fake news’ that the church has been struggling to correct for over a hundred years. They especially look at the eruption of Mount St Helens from 1980 to 1982 and what they can teach us about the creation versus evolution debate.

Website Mount St Helens Creation Center


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