Fake News

It seams that almost everywhere you look now, on the TV, in newspapers or on social media, someone is talking about Fake News. 

All over the place we are reading headlines like…

“Facebook’s plan to tackle fake news raises questions over limitations”

“German courts should tackle fake news now, says justice minister”

This “fake news” theme appears to me to be a reflection of the left’s a deep fear of losing control of the public information area. The mass media, owned by just a few billionaires, and populated by liberals and the left wing has for many years enjoyed their dominance of what the public can hear or read.

“Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you:” (Mark 13:5)

Now, however, there is a rise in citizen journalism and a great growth in independent news media outlets, YouTube channels, Twitter streams and many other forms of new media are being utilised to enable, many more people to put forward their understanding of the major events taking place in our world. No longer do the millionaire owners of the media or the liberal university media studies graduates, stand as gate keepers preventing a more balanced view to be heard.

On the whole, what is or is not fake news, is not about weather the story being told is true or not, weather it is factually accurate, but weather it complies with the views of those in authority. Weather it is telling the acceptable liberal line.

Even on top of what is, or is not true, is the question of what is not being asked. For example, Obama is saying, ‘the Russian’s hacked our election!’ In itself probably not true, see (Assange confirms, Russia Was NOT source of DNC/Podesta Leaks). But where is the media asking, If interfering with other countries elections is so bad why did America under Obama do it so much, both with money and man-power?

I believe we are going to see an increasing attempt by tech companies and others to silence ‘Fake News’ or ‘Independent News,’ or at least an attempt to label it as untrustworthy.

We need to hold main stream media’s feet to the fire over their biased reporting, but also we should probably be voting with our feet. Over in America, many, many independent media outlets are now being read, viewed or listened to by more people than almost any other, ‘main stream,’ media.

However, more important than all of this is that we need to be close to our Lord and to heed his advice, “… Take heed lest any man deceive you:” (Mark 13:5)