Am I missing something?

Humm. I was passing some time this morning looking at BBC NEws videos on the new section and noticed this video, “Ikea founder: Five things to know.” Just over 30 seconds in it says that he was a member of two far-right groups and has the logos for the New Swedish Movement and the National Socialist Workers Party (Sweden). Now I know that people often refer to nazis far-right, but when did Socialist become right wing?

Is this just more progressive newspeak designed to stop us talking probably about where people stand on issues. Today, if you are conservative or stand for traditional values you are often labelled as a Nazi or Fascist, but Nazis and Fascists have their roots in socialism not conservatism.

Or am I missing something here?

When did winning become wrong?

It can not have been more than a few months since demands were being made for Trump to accept the results of the US election. The implication being the one that wins… wins, and you must not complain. The most popular candidate will lead the country. (leaving aside arguments over the electoral college system.)

Then just after Trump won the election, we were told that well Hillary got more votes, so she should be the president. (Hillary, you can’t change the rules of a competition after you lose. If the presidential contest were for the popular vote, Trump probably would have campaigned in a different way so that he gained a higher popular vote.) But still, at least they are arguing that the most popular candidate should be considered the winner.

But now, however, Trump is being trashed for being ‘populist,’ for having appealed to to many people!

Now we are being told that populist parties in Europe are evil or wrong. In France, the National Front, in Austria, the Freedom Party, in Spain, Podemos and in Britain, the U.K. Independence Party among many more are all condemned for being populist.

Apparently, it is now wrong to be voted for by a lot of people.


First, let’s define what a populist is, a populist is “a member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people.”

Just how can it be so wrong, in a society that believes ins democracy for a political party to seek to represent the interests of the ordinary person? The problem is probably, that the “ordinary people.” are waking up and beginning to express their opinions and the, ruling class, the ruling elite do not like it. The political scientist, the sociologist, the globalists, the Keynesian economists, etc. believe that they know what is best for you, and you the people should shut up and let them rule.

Until very recently both Labour and Conservative political parties made frequent use of focus groups or the like to help them to formulate their marketing to appeal to the masses. To be populist. That was the whole purpose of New Labour. It was to try to resell the socialist Labour party to people that were rejecting traditional socialist values. Tony Blair worked at making socialism palatable to the masses.

For many years now democracy has been a convenient tool for the ruling parties to use to give you the appearance that the people are expressing their will and choosing the government.

The voters are given a choice; you have the pro-Europe Labour party or the pro-Europe Conservative party. Hay, but you get to choose!

The voters are given a choice; you have the pro-abortion Labour party or the pro-abortion Conservative party. Hay, but you get to choose!

But something has gone wrong. The sleeping giant that is the people is waking up.

There are a number of things that have contributed to this.

The Internet.

The internet that was in many ways supposed to be a tool for the ‘power that be’ so they know everything about you, and so that you spent more and more of your time on porn or cat videos, has become a tool for the people.

Citizen journalists, alternative media, call it what you want, the cat is out of the bag. Ordinary folk now have access to a wide audience, be it posts on Facebook or Twitter or alternative news broadcasts like Trunews or Info Wars, the gatekeepers have lost control.

For probably more than a hundred years, the means of reaching the masses has moved from the church congregation through the preaching of the word of God, to the media barons, firstly in newsprint then cinema and Pathé News then on to radio and TV. Access to the press has been tightly controlled and on the whole in the hand of the liberal elite and what is often called the social progressive. (Though I do not like that term, it is probably actually more regressive than progressive.)

Now, for almost nothing, you can become a blogger, vlogger or podcast host. Probably more in America than in the UK, this has become a very powerful force. Many American alternatives or independent news outlets regularly get higher numbers of viewers or listeners than what we might still just about call the mainstream media like Fox News or CNN.

Conservative political personalities.

In Europe probably political characters like Jean-Marie Le Pen of France, (and now his daughter Marion Perrine Le Pen), and Nigel Farage of the UK’s UKIP, have played a bigger part in the awakening of the ordinary person than the alternative media. Le Pen, Farage and other populist party leaders have fought for years against the vilification and oppression of the mainstream media and have slowly grown to the point where they just can not be ignored anymore.


Added to this is the very real feeling among much of the general population that immigration is having a detrimental effect on people’s lives. Yes, I can hear some of you already shouting “Xenophobia!” or “Racist!” but name calling does not make a good argument, nor change the facts.

Yes, there has been a deal of racist and xenophobic hatred and even criminal and immoral behaviour driven by such feelings. However, people’s lives are genuinely being affected by the globalist programme of forcing multiculturalism upon us. This does not excuse bad behaviour, but nor can we say that because a few people have been racist, uncontrolled immigration must be accepted without question.

Around 2.3 million nationals of other EU countries are in work in the UK. That’s about 7% of people in work here in Britain. 7% may not seem that high, but if you are one of the 1.69 million unemployed looking for work. you may feel that “They have your job!”

In many areas of work, the number of migrants working is a much larger percentage than just 7%. Where I work, there are approximately 50% migrants in the workforce and in many areas it is much higher. Without going into the rights and wrongs of the situation here, this has lead to a significant number of people feeling that our government are not looking out for our needs, but just the needs of large corporations for cheap labour.

The people are waking up

For whatever the reason, or the combination of reasons, the populous is waking up. Much like happened in America in 1787, or in England in 1215, the people are not going to be treated as slaves or chatles.

Now that the people are waking up and saying to the ruling elite, “NO! We will not let you remake the world in your image,” “we will not let you rule us and milk us for your gain.” Now, populism must be made out to be evil or wrong. Liberalism, (which is truly not liberal at all), along with socialism and communism demands that the people are made subservient to the ruling classes.

That is why the mainstream media, the liberal elite, and the progressive intellectuals, have been co-opted into the ‘newspeak’ process of re-branding populism. Trying to tell us that democracy is wrong and immoral.

Do not let them call your opinions wrong or worthless. Stand up! Become active, contact your member of parliament, write that blog, sign the petition, but above all, think about what you are being told, or should I say, ‘what you are being sold?’