TRump as Hitler

Why are so many still fighting Trump?

We are a few hours from the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Yet, what we see is continuing the attempt to discredit him.

Leftwing media organisations, intelligence agencies and even some governments appear to be against Trump.

Even the BBC is questioning his suitability to have the “authority to order an action that could result in the deaths of millions of people in under an hour.” They suggest that “The question on a lot of people’s minds right now is, given his thin skin and impulsive temperament, what are the safeguards, if any, to prevent an impetuous decision by one man with catastrophic consequences?”

There are attempts to have Mr Trump impeached, though he has not yet taken one action as president for good or ill.

We could go on, but let us stop there and ask the question, why is this? Why are so many fighting him before he has made even one decision as president?

Could it be answered by an interview with Newt Gingrich on Fox News, nearly a year ago?

“Because he is not part of the club. He is uncontrollable, (by them). He hasn’t been through the initiation rights. He didn’t belong to the secret society.”

They all seam like good points to me, but if you are used to having a president who you can control, who has been through the initiation rights and who has pledged to fulfil the wishes and aims of your secret society. If you are used to having a president who is part of your club and who serves you not his nation, then maybe Trump is a bit scary.