TRPR 47 – God the Good Gift Giver

As well as a look through the news of the week, Andrew had an interview with Tohni Cullen author of Josiah’s Fire about her son, Josiah and the fact that Autism Stole his words, but God gave him a voice.

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Blair Lies About NHS Brexodus

EU threatens Poland over pro-life law

#DespiteBrexit Double Whammy

Just 20 Remoaner MEPs demand May keeps Britain in Single Market

Germany clamps down on anti-Semitic migrants

‘Angela Merkel is responsible for Germany’s problem with migrant sex assaults’

Hundreds of British ISIS fighters missing after government loses trace of jihadis who headed to Syria

Germany coalition per BBC News

British singer Morrissey slams BDS movement as ‘absurd’ – bang goes BBC approval

Top Israeli official says at least 10 more countries are discussing moving embassies to Jerusalem

The BBC have ’10 charts that show why the NHS is in trouble’

Planned Parenthood aborted more than 320k babies last year

Experts warn of a tech take-over as robots with artificial intelligence seize control

Extreme weather: Social media reaction in US and Australia

Universities could face fines over free speech curbs

Tohni Cullen

Interview with Tohni Cullen

Tohni Cullen author of a book about her son Josiah, and the fact that Autism Stole his words, but God gave him a voice. No matter what happens in your life, God is in it with you and through it.

God is a Good Gift Giver!

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